With a Looming Fiscal Cliff, Obama Hard at Work…..on The Golf Course (DeJaVu!)

President Barack Obama is spending his first Saturday after winning reelection on the golf course. Today’s outing is to the course on Andrews Air Force Base.

“Motorcade arrived at Andrews Air Force Base at 11:01 am after an uneventful ride,” the pool report reads. “President Obama is playing golf with three White House aides: Eugene Kang, Joe Paulson and trip director Marvin Nicholson, according to a White House official. Pool is holding at the Andrews fast food court for the next few hours.”

Toward the end of the campaign, Obama seemed to have eased off his golf game. He did, however, play on August 4, his 51 birthday, which was his 104 round of golf as president of the United States.

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Author:Spencer Iacono

One Response to “With a Looming Fiscal Cliff, Obama Hard at Work…..on The Golf Course (DeJaVu!)”

  1. Frozone
    November 11, 2012 at 6:26 am #

    The Fiscal Cliff is just another “emergency” that Obama doesn’t care about, but will leverage when the time is right.

    Can any of you imagine hard working Romney golfing when there is so much work to be done?

    Obama is truly lazy, and only wants the trappings of power, with none of the responsibility of leadership. This is going to be an increasingly depressing 4 years watching this empty chair, LAME DUCK.

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