To My Fellow Independent and Undecided Voter Friends

I have been a registered American Independent for more than twenty years. I left the Republican Party in 1988 after watching a number of Republican senators and congressmen behave like, well…something other than conservative Republicans. It seemed that every few months, some Republican lawmaker was either being indicted for something, or was spending tax money like it was someone else’s dough. I just couldn’t stand the thought of my party being so undisciplined. Today, while I share your independent status as a voter, I am not by any stretch undecided about who I’ll vote for next month. Here’s the reason.  

I deplore gridlock and polarization in government, and I know many of you do, too. We pay leaders and lawmakers millions of dollars to make laws that help people and keep society civil and peaceful. My primary complaint with President Obama has been his inability to govern. He’s seemingly spent all his time trying to justify his poor performance on the basis of an obstructionist house, or on the prior policies of George W. Bush, or something outside his control. Barrack Obama hasn’t lead. He simply hasn’t governed. He hasn’t solved problems. He’s had four years to figure out how to work with the opposition party, the way Bill Clinton, Harry Truman and other great presidents did, and he’s failed remarkably. This is particularly shocking, given his supposed extraordinary success as a community organizer. Don’t community organizers bring together diverse, even conflicted members and groups, and help them get things done? By his own admission, Obama’s only domestic success, was based on Mitt Romney’s vision of healthcare!

Governor Romney, on the other hand, has a documented history of successful leadership working with the opposition political party. I find it interesting that we don’t hear Romney’s former Massachusetts political foes campaigning for Barrack Obama. You’d think these folks, his former political enemies in Mass, who know Mitt Romney best, would be among Barrack Obama’s loudest and most ardent voices. Instead, some of them are actually Romney supporters. As an example, former Mass. head of Workforce Development, Jane Edmonds, a democrat, delivered a sterling and poignant convention address in support of Governor Romney and his bi partisan leadership success.

Why are none of the hundreds of democrat voices who have first-hand history working with Mitt Romney in Mass, campaigning against him? Having worked with him closely, perhaps these liberals recognize Romney’s successful gubernatorial tenure. After all, he balanced four budgets; left the state with a 2B surplus, lowered the already stellar unemployment rate to 4.7 percent, and oversaw redesign of the best public school system in the country.

So, if you’re an independent voter, and undecided, before you vote for the incumbent, just think about what four more years of gridlock will do, and what an opportunity we have to do something to avoid that, by voting for proven, competent, bi partisan leadership in Mitt Romney.

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