The Hypocrisy of the Tax Demanding Left

The Obama campaign continues to seek to hammer Mitt Romney regarding his decision to only release two years of tax returns. I find this entertaining and hypocritical.

When the uber wealthy and deeply beloved John F. Kennedy ran for President, he released exactly… zero tax returns. Nothing. Nada. Niente. Did the media demand that he was hiding something and that he “owed” the American people more transparency? Did they feign outrage that he may have made some of his money, or better yet, his father Joe’s money, by investing in shady businesses…perhaps even outside the United States? No, they did not.

Same arguments for little brother Bobby. No tax returns. No media outrage.

Next time someone asks Romney about his taxes, I suggest he look them square the in eye(camera) and ask them why do they think the media didn’t demand the tax returns of the Kennedys, and that “until you have some legitimate answer for that hypocrisy, I’ll not be answering further questions about any taxes or investmtents”.

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