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On November 2nd, Bill O’Reilly asked the millions of people who watch his nightly cable broadcast, “The O’Reilly Factor”, to vote in a poll that is found on his personal website (www.billoreilly.com).  It’s not the fact that he has a poll for people to vote in, nor the fact that he has a personal website that is [...]

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King Obama: House Considers Repealing 22nd Amendment

I came across this article written by Kurt Nimmo from “Info Wars”  regarding the House Bill presented by Rep. Jose Serrano to “repeal the 22nd amendment.” There is only one thing stated in this article I disagree with.  It is the statement by Sher Zieve quoted in the article as saying, “once Obama is elected, [...]

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Video: ‘Special Report’ With Mitt Romney

Governor Romney says to Carl Cameron when asked if he had the fire to run again, “I’ve always got fire.” Romney’s poll numbers continue to rise as Palin’s stay at a stand still.

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