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Romney Gaining Ground in Michigan

Michigan Party Affiliation in 2004 Election                                    Party Affiliation in 2008 Election Democrats – 39%                                                     Democrats – 41% Republicans – 34%                   [...]

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Santorum robocall makes appeal to Michigan’s Democrats for votes

So, the “Consistent Conservative” is encouraging Democrat electoral mischief making (something that may well already be a factor in Mr. Santorum’s poll numbers in MI) in an effort to win a single state.  That doesn’t sound terribly conservative to me.  It sounds desperate and may well turn the MI election against him.  Here’s the article: [...]

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A Video I Dedicate To Governor Granholm, The Obama Administration and The Leftist Agenda

I dedicate this video is dedicated to Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan.  As I was watching, the quote by Mitt Romney kept going through my mind “dependency is death to initiative and we must fight it like the poison that it is.” The policies of the left have made people lazy and dependent minded in [...]

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