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An Old Romney Friend Brings Tears To RNC as She Recalls His Private Compassion

Her story got tears flowing at the Republican National Convention, and may well have gone a long way toward showing Mitt Romney didn’t simply start doing good deeds when cameras were clicking and a political career was in the works. Pam Finlayson addressed the Tampa crown late Thursday to tell how the Republican presidential nominee [...]

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The Most Charitable Nation in The World -America

I thought these statistic were very telling about America’s compassion in general and the ability of her citizens to have an overall sense of human decency when it comes to the weak and less fortunate among us.  Churches provide aid and support and we Americans are inclined to “succor the weak, strengthen the feeble knees [...]

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Obama Advisor: “Doctors Take The Hippocratic Oath Too Seriously…”

One of President Obama’s Health Care advisors believes that doctors shouldn’t take their Hippocratic Oath so seriously.  Listen to Rep. Michelle Bachman of Minnesota read his own words.  Another advisor believes that medical innovation should be “slowed down” as a cost savings measure.  View the incredible YouTube video: So much for Liberals being paragons of [...]

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