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The Most Charitable Nation in The World -America

I thought these statistic were very telling about America’s compassion in general and the ability of her citizens to have an overall sense of human decency when it comes to the weak and less fortunate among us.  Churches provide aid and support and we Americans are inclined to “succor the weak, strengthen the feeble knees [...]

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Karl Rove: Scott Brown Will Win by 3-6 Points

Karl Rove is predicting that Scott Brown will win the Massachusetts Senate race by 3-6 points.  I hope it is more than that!  I hope that the citizens of Massachusetts send a very strong message to Washington that it is time to “shape up or ship out.”  It is not likely that they will shape [...]

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Mitt Romney on Hugh Hewitt Show: Obamacare is Going Way Beyond What is Right

Mitt Romney hammered President Obama on health care saying he is “going way beyond what the American people think is right, and way beyond what is necessary.”  At the same time, Romney spoke about the MA health plan, he helped put together. Mitt Romney on the National Debate over Obamacare Hugh Hewitt Show HH: Joined [...]

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