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Breaking News on the Libya Attack: Top Administration Officials Did Not Call on Counterterrorism Agencies

More damning evidence that the President of The United States lied to the American people:

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Evidence That President Obama is Lying To The American People About Benghazi?

After weeks of watching the Administration flub the Lybia cover up, it’s obvious that there have been many questionable actions as well as conflicting statements.  My intent is not to lay out all the confusing and speculative stuff that’s already been hashed out over and over on Fox News, but rather to focus on 2 [...]

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BREAKING: Administration Knew of Terror Attack by Militants in Benghazi 2 Hours After Attack

From Breitbart: Just over two hours after the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi began on Sep. 11, the White House Situation Room was notified that a militant group with connections to al Qaeda had claimed responsibility, undermining claims by the Obama administration and the media that a video was initially the suspected cause. [...]

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