Romney’s War on Women

Josh Barton NYS

Just as Romney seals the deal after an exciting primary season, the American people are starting to learn about Romney, and some disturbing details.

Mitt Romney has declared war on women.

At least that’s how President Obama and his supportive media likes to portray it. After Mitt Romney was grilled by George Stephanopolis in January about “States banning contraceptives” and Romney, stunned, and baffled, responded “I don’t think any state is considering that,” the media has marched in lock step to paint Romney with a fake accusation, since Obama has a horrific record to run on.



Lets get to the facts on this issue:


Needless to say, if Mitt were such a woman hater, I am sure he would not be so supportive and loving towards Ann Romney as she battled breast cancer and multiple sclerosis. The major networks do not make much mention of this fact, but it is very important. Nikki Haley would not have endorsed such a warrior if this lie were true.

Also, if you join any Mitt Romney social networking group, you will notice that women enthusiastically support Governor Romney.


Is this because Mitt hates women, and has declared war on them?

Why would the President say something like this?
As usual it has to do with running for office (something he has been doing since 2007)


But what about policy?

Obama has a tough record to run on. Women have seen their fortunes decline, their retirements dry up, and their children get sent to school, only to watch them struggle to find work in an economy that should be recovered by now (if it were not for Obama.)

Mitt Romney has a plan for women, and it is called prosperity. Under the Romney budget, entitlements would be saved, jobs will be created by female innovators and entrepreneurs and economic opportunity for all will be achieved.



Please stand with Mitt:


Tell Obama that Women are not a focus group to lie to. Tell him to stop this fake war.


Visit for more specifics on why Romney is the choice for many patriotic women across the country.

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