Romney’s Embrace of the Baracka Claus Theory

Rush Limbaugh NAILS it on why Romney lost:

RUSH: Okay. I mean, Santa Claus. It is. Apparently it is dire, Romney saying this. Apparently this is a big problem for the Republican Party. We’re not supposed to look at people this way. People are just insecure. It’s a bad economy. And if somebody’s promised security, workers, they can’t find jobs, they’re not takers and so forth. We’re never gonna win anything if we look at people that way. Grab Baracka Claus is Coming to Town. We gotta put that in here. ‘Cause my whole Santa Claus theory is obviously now under attack by other Republicans. I don’t know how long this will last, so here it is.

(playing of song)

Yeah, I’m telling you, folks, fires are breaking out all over the Republican Party. Bobby Jindal, I think Peggy Noonan, J. Pod, John Podhoretz are talking about, it’s such a shame, Romney ran such a great campaign, such a great concession speech, and now he’s just imploding. One of my first takes the night of the election returns coming in was, “It’s hard to beat Santa Claus.” I mean, they are really jumping all over Romney. I thought that it was well known by everybody that the welfare state establishment votes Democrat. Apparently that’s not true.

Even if it is true, the Republican Party doesn’t want to be known as thinking it, because it’s dividing America. It’s dividing America to makers and takers and that’s not what America is, and the Republican Party is never gonna get anywhere if it divides the country into makers and takers, and Romney’s 47% comment, I’m gonna tell you Republicans something. If you want to really get to the bottom of why Romney lost, I’m gonna tell you what I think the most telltale reason is. And when I saw this in the exit polls, powerful, influential member of the media, I got ‘em, I got that first wave at 30 seconds after five o’clock, and it didn’t take me another 30 seconds to find that over 50% of voters still blame George Bush for the economy.

If you want to know why Mitt Romney lost, if you’re looking for one reason here or one reason there, you people in the Republican Party had better understand that is your number one reason.  If you don’t want to concede that it’s number one, it’s definitely in the top thee.  Four years into an absolutely disastrous economy, exacerbated and made worse specifically by policy implemented by Barack Obama, no has spent money like he did.  The 2010 elections indicate this.

We just didn’t get that turnout.  Barack Obama totally escaped blame, or escaped blame among enough voters.  You Republicans running around trying to figure out why the economy for the first time in history did not mean anything in an election better realize it did, and your party got blamed for it.  And you better start asking yourself why.  The single most destructive force in my lifetime in this economy escaped any blame, and that would be Obama.  We figured, how in the world can Romney be hit by this?  He had nothing to do with any of these policies.  And yet he was blamed.  That’s what happens. When Bush is blamed, Romney, the current candidate is not gonna get votes.

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Author:Spencer Iacono

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  1. November 17, 2012 at 11:35 am #

    Rush ….You have come through for me. That is exactly right. Many liberals do not understand that the financial melt down was a direct result of Democratic policies. It started in the Clinton Administration and went from there. Bush may of spent too much, but he had plenty of help from the Democratic controlled house and Senate. Furthermore Romney is not Bush.

    Instead Jindal and Christie pander to the left as do others pardoning a Santa Claus president. If we want to win an election we need to defend out party where it can be defended and we have not. Now we are paying for it dearly.

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