Romney super PAC goes up in PA

Romney’s campaign, just a few days ago, launched their “expand the map” campaign which has already raised almost $4 Million dollars!

Many would refer to this as an 11th hour ad blitz to give a candidate a boost in the final days of the campaign.  Restore our Future PAC has announced a $2.1 million ad buy across every Pennsylvania market, which will include the more expensive market of Philly.  This new push comes as recent polling has shown Romney, who happens to be closing the gap in PA quite rapidly, only 3% behind President Obama in the state.

The Romney campaign itself has not been running ads in the state, but the fact that the Super PAC supporting Romney is pumping a whopping $2.1 million into a market like Pennsylvania must mean they smell blood in the water and that their money would be well spent, or at least it would be a good gamble.

Below is the ad the Super PAC will be airing:

To help “expand the map”, click here!

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Author:Spencer Iacono

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