Romney Runs Strongest: Shattering the Conventional Wisdom that Republicans Won’t Vote for Mitt

Matt Coulter over at Race42012 has a fantastic analysis on the conventional wisdom that Republicans just simply won’t vote for Mitt Romney. He basically shatters that wisdom with an analysis that shows that Mitt Romney would receive the most support from Republicans in the general election than any other candidate for the presidency.

In 26 of the 29 polls, more Republicans said they would come out to vote for Mitt Romney than any other candidate in the race.

Far from being the weakest candidate among Republican voters, Romney was consistently the strongest candidate. While other candidates struggled to get 80 or 85% of the GOP vote against Obama, Romney routinely snagged support in the mid-to high 80s or even up into the low 90s.

The real kicker is that he also does best among independents!

And it’s not only among GOP voters that Romney runs the strongest, either: in 24 of those 29 polls, Romney garners the greatest level of support from Independent voters as well – and sometimes by massive margins over his closest competitor. The only five polls where that is not the case is five where Ron Paul outpolls him among Independents. Romney consistently picks up support from between 45-50% of Independents, and even peaked at 52 or 53% in a couple polls.

I’ll conclude by quoting Matt’s conclusion:

So there is one candidate who not only polls the strongest among Republicans but at the same time polls the strongest among Independents as well… and that man is getting ready to unofficially wrap up the nominating process on Saturday. Rather than consternation, this ought to be cause for celebration among the GOP faithful.

Read his whole analysis. It’s definitely worth the time.

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