Presidential Debate Review–Clint Eastwood’s Revenge

During the recent Republican convention, Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood famously conversed with an importune empty chair. Lampooning the incumbent President in a way only Eastwood could likely get away, he was pointing out what many have known for some time, that Obama has always been way more oratory and pomp, than intellect or substance. A day later, Eastwood unabashedly told the Carmel Times, “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

Some were quick to criticize and attack Eastwood as out of touch and even disconnected from reality. Most in the media spent the next few days echoing not the substance of Eastwood’s message and directed criticism of the President, but the oddity and bizarreness of his method and delivery. The great attack dog of the left, Rachael Maddow, of MSNBC called it “the weirdest thing I’d ever seen at a political convention.” It’s typical of many in the media to attack the messenger, particularly when they don’t like the message, so it’s no surprise that Eastwood took flak from so many. Of course, the conservative blogosphere, on the other hand, blew up with excitement that someone had the cajones to call it as he sees it.  

Fast forward to Wednesday’s debate between Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama, widely acknowledged already as one of most lopsided debates in Presidential history. Romney’s obliteration of the incumbent will be looked back on as one of the great debate performances ever. I have an older brother, much brighter than I, who today suggested to me that we’d learned a few things about Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama at the debate. He said that what we learned about Romney is that he’s plenty smart, assertive, thinks on his feet, and is a man given to preparation. Aren’t these the attributes we want in the country’s Chief executive?

But what did we learn from the debate about Barrack Obama? We learned one thing.  We learned that Clint Eastwood was right.

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