Oprah joins Mitt and Ann Romney at home for a cooking session

First meeting: Mitt and Ann Romney welcomed Oprah Winfrey into their roomy New Hampshire holiday home

As well as Mr Romney revealing his favourite dishes, he also addressed a number of meatier topics.
Asked at what point, did he know that he wanted to be president, he replied: ‘Not any time during my youth.’

Adding: ‘As a little boy I wanted to be a policeman. And then as I got older and I saw my dad in the car business, an automobile executive.’

But now aged 65, he remains determined to claim victory in the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

He told Ms Winfrey: ‘It do believe I’m going to win.

‘I think in the debates we’ll be able to get down to, what do you believe in, how can we help the country? And I think when we do that, we’ll end up winning.’

Won over: Ms Winfrey said she was taken with the Romney’s ‘strong family vibe’

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