Mitt Sweeps, Media Weeps

OK. Maybe they’re not weeping but they certainly aren’t interested in the outcome of last night’s primaries. We were told endlessly that if Romney couldn’t pull off a win in Michigan, it was pretty much over for him. Well, he won and, predictably, the media apparently has little to say. The reaction this morning to Romney’s sweep of yesterday’s primaries is muted to say the least.

Understand, the media is not reporting the primaries. They are trying to create the news to best suit their interests. They are trying to maintain interest (and thus ratings/readership) in a process that is long and tedious. For them, the more contention that is generated, the more interest there will be. A clear front runner with a huge lead does not generate great ratings for the 24/7 news providers. Thus, cheerleading for Santorum or Gingrich or whomever the latest “anti-Romney” is, is simply a matter of business for them. This is neither good nor bad, it merely is what it is.

So, as we go through today and head towards Super Tuesday remember this: We are wining. Don’t worry about what the press says. We have the delegate lead. We have the momentum. And we have the one candidate who has thus far been able to withstand the barrage attacks from his opponents without whining about it; something that will serve him well once the full attention of the Obama re-election team , who have far fewer scruples than any Republican in this race, is focused solely on one Republican nominee.

Mitt is the right person at the right time. Politicians created this economic mess and sending yet another politician who has never held a private sector job or created and run a company is not the answer. As we learned last election, experience counts; qualifications matter. We face a set of problems in this country that Mitt Romney is uniquely qualified to solve. His entire resume is one of rebuilding companies and organizations that were facing economic disaster. None of the other candidates come close and trailing the lot of them is the President himself.

So, while the press may not be terribly interested in what happened last night, a win is a win, momentum is momentum and that does count with an electorate, both Republican and in general, that is looking for someone who can rid this country of the worst, most economically antagonistic and fiscally illiterate President in history.

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