Mitt Romney’s new best friends… Jimmy Carter’s Grandson and Mother Jones

The now well played video of Mitt Romney; shot apparently by President Carter’s grandson, James, talking to donors in May has been hashed and rehashed more in the last 48 hours than almost any other message of this campaign thus far. Pundits and pollsters have been either wringing their hands (Bill Kristol), or gleefully declaring the race “over” (Nancy Pelosi) since Mother Jones, the very left biased webpage, first released their “secret” video.

As I have pondered further and read much analysis of late on this advent, it dawned on me that we may have just seen the single most sophisticated political move, by Mitt Romney no less, that either side could have concocted.

For years, Mitt Romney’s been proclaiming that this race was about a battle of ideologies. Not Left versus Right, but about “entitlements versus merits”.  Since his first campaign for the White House began in mid-2006, Romney’s been talking about shrinking the size of The People’s House.  Nothing in that video hasn’t’ been said on the stump or in his editorials or speeches. It’s not new. It’s not earth shattering. Its vintage “an organization should be lean and efficient if it’s going to work for people” Mitt Romney.  Romney has in fact, consistently been extolling the virtues of small government, rolling back mandates and regulations, block granting entitlements to states, and reducing the size of many if not all of the federal funding architectures. It is, for many of us who love the libertarian part of Romney’s persona, the best thing about him.

The problem he’s had is that when he talks about this stuff, one of two things happens……The media either doesn’t report what he said, choosing instead to cherry pick some other talking point, and the headline is something about his hair or his religion, rather than what he intends to do as the steward of the American taxpayer’s trusted endowment.  I understand that, in part, because the media knows that headlining policy talking points won’t sell to the audience. But the effect is that Romney’s message has been consistently muted throughout the entire campaign. This is why some conservatives have complained that he’s not aggressive enough, or not active enough as a campaigner. He’s plenty aggressive, he just doesn’t get headlines based on policy discussion.

The second outcome is that even if the media reports accurately, Romney’s analysis can often get into the weeds a bit too deep, and the listener is quickly tuned out, as voters typically just don’t understand what the Governor is talking about when he discusses merit based society versus entitlement based culture. That’s understandable, given what the left has done to our public schools, but that’s another post, frankly.

This is where James E. Carter IV and Mother Jones come in. By secretly videotaping virtually the same message that Romney stumps on daily, and releasing it as some type of “clandestinely acquired evidence” of his hate for the American electorate, they’ve just put his small government, merit based society on the front burner. While the Governor’s meritocracy argument isn’t that unique…libertarians and many republicans have been seeking a return to such for decades, it is particularly stark given the pathway of the federal government since 2000, and especially since Obama took the oath of office.

For the past 4 years, the size of government, and the costs associated with “helping” nearly half the citizenry, has grown with such exponential might that the Democrats in the Senate can’t even talk about passing a budget, let alone convene consititutionally mandated hearings to actually pass a budget. 

Romney has effectively used the far left Kook media to his own best use. That’s savvy beyond words, and a sign that the governor is indeed prepared to take on the Obama team and his media hounds in the next 6 weeks.  

What is also tells us is that Team Obama shot one of its biggest “October” surprises early, and it landed off target….that can’t be good. Today, Messina and Cutter have to be worried. Not even a secret video of Mitt talking about how Socialists have made half the electorate “victims” of big government, has managed to change the dynamics of this election.

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  1. Abe
    September 20, 2012 at 10:42 am #

    Since Pelosi declared the race “over” the Dems
    might now stop spending money on the Obama
    campaign and save it for 2016

  2. November 13, 2012 at 1:31 pm #

    Hello. I believe there is an issue with your on page links. I hope you are able to repair it!

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