Liz Cheney for Vice President?

Liz Cheney is shown. | AP Photo


This one’s sure to create some strong reactions one way or another.

Speculation is growing that Liz Cheney is considering entering politics in Wyoming. She’s been visiting the state a lot recently and appearing with her father. She is currently a resident of Virginia but some are thinking she will move there to run for office. She and her confidants say that she has no plans to run for office in Wyoming.

I have an interesting take on it. What if she’s really just establishing and building some connections in Wyoming to serve as a donor/volunteer base for a vice presidential run? What if she’s polishing up her retail politicking skills? One can speculate. But let me tell you, she’s an expert on Iran/Syria policy. She’s served as She’s held positions in the State Department for years, and she has built a name for herself. And watching her on TV, she seems VERY credible, VERY smart, VERY measured. She immediately passes the “credibility” test.

If the campaign turns to Iran/Syria issues for whatever reason later this year, you can bet that the Romney team will give her some serious consideration. Do I think it’s likely she will be selected? No. But I do think she’s getting ready for that possibility, and under the right circumstances, selecting her would be a wise decision.

She does have the Cheney last name, but that’s where the obvious negatives end. If she can get over that, she’s extremely attractive as a VP pick. She’s highly knowledgeable and experienced on foreign policy.

Not one person being talked about for Romney’s vice presidential pick has any real foreign policy experience to speak of. The best Mitt has for choices are Bob McDonnell, whose only hint of foreign policy experience is that he served in the peacetime army in Europe, and Rob Portman, who served as a trade representative (whoopdie-doo).

If things get hot in the Middle East this year, you can bet that she’s in the running.

Dark horse VP, anyone? I doubt it, but that’s my read on it. One can hope/speculate.

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