In White House Vs. Fox News War Of Words, Who Gets Your Vote?

I took the excerpt below from the NPR website which is hosting a poll between Fox news and The White House.  I still can’t believe that the Obama administration even cares to get involved with media battling when it should be spending it’s energy on the issues.  It shows the lack of maturity of this administration.  Obama is indeed a “man-child President” as Rush Limbaugh suggested.

The stories about what the Obama White House has to say about Fox News Channel keep coming.

There was White House communications director saying telling Howard Kurtz of The Washington Post and CNN “let’s not pretend they’re a news network the way CNN is.”

Also last week it was NPR’s David Folkenflik reporting that “the White House is taking direct aim at Fox News, the news organization that is the home to the most potent collection of its conservative critics.”

This week it’s ABC News’ Jake Tapper asking why the Obama team was treating one of the “sister organizations” so badly — and the news that the White House had tried to block a Fox News reporter from interviewing the so-called pay czar. (After all the networks objected, the White House relented.)

It seems like time for a survey:

Go here to vote:

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Author:Spencer Iacono

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