How Low Can MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Go?

Marin Bashir of MSNBC today promoted an unusual attack on Mitt Romney.  Bashir took to the airwaves to accuse Mitt Romney of masking a campaign event, or to use his exact words “dressed up as a charity drive,” as an excuse to keep campaigning.  It was a brilliant idea to use the efforts and money already put into a campaign event to get food and money to victims of Hurricane Sandy, while at the same time being able to be present with those in Ohio who’ve been anxious to see the Governor speak.  But they didn’t get your typical campaign speech.

In fact, Mitt didn’t even get up on the main stage for the event.  He helped stock food as it came in, and stood up on a little basket looking thing to talk about service and unity.  Mitt Romney is a doer, and he came up with a great idea to do a good thing and the left can’t stand it!

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Author:Spencer Iacono

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