Gallup: Governor Romney has risen “off the charts!”

In today’s Gallup GOP national poll, Romney sets another 2012 record, polling at an astounding 42%! This puts him literally off the charts! Their chart only goes up to 40%, so Mitt’s data point for the day is not even displayed.

What does it all mean?

1. The “etch-a-sketch” dustup was nothing but child’s play – literally. I’ve been saying since Eric Fehrnstrom’s comment that it would go away within days and would have as much impact as the infamous “$10,000 bet.” Recall that after that gaffe, Mitt actually rose in the polls, despite the media spin indicating his candidacy was over at the time.

2. The nomination race is basically over. No matter what happens today in Louisiana, the race will wrap up in Wisconsin, which votes on April 3rd alongside Maryland and Washington DC. Rasmussen had Romney with a 13% lead in Wisconsin on March 21st, but Gallup’s polling indicates that Romney is has risen in the national polls since then, and that probably includes Wisconsin.

3. Romney clearly has the ability to coalesce the party. In 2011, we kept hearing how Romney cannot break 25%. Well, it turns out 25% was his floor, and his ceiling is much higher. He’s well on his way to unifying the party and taking the fight to Obama.

4. Gingrich + Santorum < Romney. Newt gets 15% in Gallup’s survey, Santorum 26%. Add the two, and Romney beats them by 1 point. So much for the lame idea that the two of them are more worthy as a team than Romney himself. And of course, we all know if Gingrich dropped out, about half of his support would go to Romney anyway.

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