Fool Me Once, Shame On You…

Being a 20 year-old college student, some might say that I am too young to have an opinion. Others may say that I am too young to have an “informed” opinion. Well, just so you all know, you’re wrong. Grant it, many people my age could care so much less about getting out to vote much less being an educated voter. But me, I am a cut from a different cloth than that. For me, voting is not only a right, but also a duty that each of us has been blessed with. That being said, I feel that if you are going to exercise that right, you must first educate yourself and that is what I have done.

President Barack Obama at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC

When the 2008 Presidential Election started heating up, it was all I heard about. From stories saying “Barack Obama has made history by […] becoming the first African-American with a viable chance of winning the White House” (The Guardian) to “[…] Palin, 44, the first woman to be a Republican vice presidential nominee” (CNBC). This was an exciting race of new things. On top of it all, Senator Obama was electric. When he spoke, you couldn’t help but listen. He was not only a politician, but a star. He was someone who spoke of giving the government back to the people. He was exciting! The whole election was exciting. The election of 2008 showed that America has evolved and remained the most welcoming place on earth where anyone can succeed. An African-American man from Hawaii, a woman from Arkansas, and another from Alaska. All breaking the status quo for American politics and showing that we, as a country, are better than we were.

Like many people, while I had not supported Barack Obama in the general election, it was exciting to see what we as a country, had accomplished and overcome. It was not too long ago that the idea of an African-American President was completely laughable. Inauguration day in 2009 was inspiring for Americans and the entire world. But this celebrity turned President had a lot of promises to keep and he needed to get to work fast. Everyone was watching to see what would happen. What they were watching would soon turn to a disaster.

In 2009, President Obama had momentum on his side. The country had chosen him, at a hefty margin, to be the fix-it-man. He was lucky enough to have been able to have a slew of Democrats elected with him and keep the Democratic Majority in the House and the Senate. He could do anything and everything he wanted. Boy oh boy do we ever regret giving him that power. There are now 495,000 more unemployed American than there were in 2008, up to 8.1% from Inauguration day (43 months). That is the longest unemployment has ever been above 8.0% since the Great Depression. The Middle Class average income has dropped and gas has gone up. Home values continue to fall, college tuition is up by 25%, 15 million more Americans are on food stamps (up 46%), and our debt has increased by $5.4 trillion (up 51%) in Obama’s first 4 years. We voted for change, but not this kind.

The biggest failure for President Obama, was his healthcare reform most commonly referred to as “Obamacare.” Before it was passed, Americans did not know what was even in the bill. As then Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) put it, “[Congress] has to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it” (U.S. News). Well, it did pass and Americans soon learned that they did not like what was in it. For months Republicans argued it was the biggest tax increase in American History while Democrats said it was nothing of the sort. Twenty-seven states filed suit against the Federal Government to fight against Obamacare calling it an unconstitutional mandate on the people that the Federal Government would have no right to enforce. The case ended up right where those states wanted it and that was knocking at the door of the Supreme Court. In March of 2012, the Supreme Court heard the debate on the Healthcare Law and that June they handed down their findings. The Healthcare Law would be upheld, but how? The court gave a surprising twist in their decision by upholding the law as a tax. How is that whole “it’s not a tax thing” working out for the Democrats now? More than 50% of Americans continue to oppose the Healthcare Tax.

All of this leads me to say this, why would we re-elect someone with this record of failure? To add too it, we now are on the brink of disaster in the Middle East with the recent attacks on many of the American Embassies beginning on September 11, 2012 with the attacks in Egypt and Libya and ended with the Libyan Ambassador and 3 others being murdered. What has our response been?

Governor Mitt Romney at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL

We (America) are sorry. Yet another failure to add to the list: economy, debt, healthcare, and foreign policy.  Barack Obama ran a campaign speaking of “Hope and Change” in 2008. For me, I do not believe that change is impossible, but it is certainly not easy. I believe in the change President Obama talked about 4 years ago, but it is clear he no longer does. America is headed down the road of destruction, and the only things he can seem to talk about are Mitt Romney’s tax records, fundraisers with Beyonce and Jay-Z, and David Letterman? What happened to creating a prosperous America? What happened to my Fathers America, my Grandfathers America? Like Obama, I too have the dreams of my Father, but unlike Obama, they are not dreams of socialistic society. I dream of living the American Dream. I want to be able to someday tell my kids and grandkids of the hard work and dedication that I had, to make a success of myself. In Obama’s America, those dreams of mine are becoming less and less realistic. Soaring unemployment, failed economic stimulus, failed healthcare reform, higher taxes, and more government. A concoction of failure at its highest level. If I want to have a chance to live the Dreams of my Father and Grandfather, the only choice is to Elect Mitt Romney as President of these United States so he can lead us back into the American century, lead us back to prosperity, and lead us back to being the Greatest Country this world has ever had the pleasure to know!

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Author:Cody Baker

Cody is currently pursuing his bachelors degree in Mass Communications and Journalism at Southeast Missouri State University. He plans to pursue a degree in International Relations upon graduation from SEMO and has plans to also obtain a law degree. He is a passionate Republican and an even more passionate Mitt Romney supporter. Cody recently attended the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida as a delegate from the 3rd Congressional District in the State of Missouri.

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