Finally Someone Reports on The Vast Differences Between Romneycare and Obamacare!

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Gov. Romney is spending the day with his family and has released a brief statement for Memorial Day.

I can’t remember a day Gov. Romney has received this much positive press coverage from this many different places in the same day. If you know of any other articles released about Gov. Romney today, please put the link(s) in the comments. The only way I knew about the great Detroit Free Press article was because I live off 8 Mile – 30 minutes away from Detroit.

That said, let’s start with the front page of today’s Detroit Free Press. The article starts off like this:

The political blogs and the pundits’ pronouncements make it sound as though anyone else has a better shot than Mitt Romney does to become the Republican nominee for president next year.

Don’t believe it: Mitt’s the man to beat in the 2012 GOP race.

The article also makes a point that I completely agree with – that the majority of people in our country may have heard the name Mitt Romney, but Mitt still has a chance to make sure people think of jobs and the economy when they think about Mitt Romney. Most people don’t know enough about Gov. Romney yet, and can easily change their minds about him if presented with compelling evidence.

Next, the New Yorker has released one of the main articles to be released in their June 6th edition. When comparing Obamacare and Romneycare, The New Yorker suggests that “the two laws differ in important ways.”, states that “Although some influential liberals condemned Romney, most conservatives praised the plan.”, and notes that President Obama is the one who has flip-flopped on healthcare while Gov. Romney is the one with actual knowledge on the subject.

The Boston Globe has the most publicized piece of the day.

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This Boston Globe piece has been called a must read by a bunch of people. You’re going to want to get this in front of as many people as possible. It’s a long and thorough article and it’s only the first in a series on Mitt Romney and the Massachusetts health care overhaul.

Finally, the Daily Caller has published an opinion piece endorsing Gov. Romney for 2012!

As many in the GOP scramble to find a candidate, there have been calls for anyone but Romney. Efforts are already underway to brand Romney as a RINO. Such a label is profoundly inaccurate and hurts the Republican Party’s best chance at recapturing the White House in 2012.

Romney’s acumen as an executive stands out in any field of candidates and this one in particular. From his extraordinary success in the private sector, Romney can speak credibly about the economy and job creation. His fiscal conservatism reaches beyond balanced budgets in the short-term. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney not only balanced the budget every year without raising taxes but also rescued the Commonwealth’s Stabilization Fund, also known as the “rainy day fund.” By the time Romney left office in 2007, the fund held $2.3 billion.

There’s a lot more at each of the links I posted, so please check them out. If you’re spending time with family today, that’s great. You can catch up on all of these articles tomorrow. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

UPDATE: A tweet from Governor Romney… Don’t forget to read his full statement.


Please take a moment today to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyMitt Romney


UPDATE 2 by Jayde – TwitPic from Gov Romney: “Busy week ahead. Great weekend in New Hampshire with Ann and the family.” (May 30, 2011)

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