Finally, an Outsider in the White House

It seems that in each Presidential election cycle, there are voices in the electorate that call for an “outsider” to be chosen. “Why can’t we send someone who knows what he’s doing?, we cry. For as long as I can recall, in fact, many Americans have craved the opportunity to send someone to Washington who was not part of the mainstream political makeup, but who was truly an outsider. We came close in 1992 with Ross Perot. But the rare chance to select from what is sadly, a very short list of otherwise qualified “non politicians”, has come to the American voter, almost never.
It’s not just voters who share this urge to send in someone with real world experience. In case you missed it, the President himself recently reinforced the inherent challenges one faces in trying to solve the deep challenges of running a bloated and over stepping organization, when he told Univision that he’d learned that you can’t fix Washington from the inside.  It must be this frustration that prompted the President to sign more than 900 executive orders in his first term. Among them, his unilateral actions requiring religious healthcare providers to fund contraception, and his Executive Order which allows young illegal aliens to remain here without legal status. It’s as if he’s decided that if you can’t fix’m, run over em”. You know, “my way or the highway”.  Of course, he justifies these actions becuase he couldn’t get enough support from congress. So, if all the other people, including my own party, won’t help me, I’ll just rewrite the rules and make the America I know you all really want after all. 
Perhaps it’s time to take him at his word. Perhaps you can’t fix it from the inside. Let’s accept his premise. Once you do, your decision on November 6th will be crystal clear.
Mitt Romney has never lived or worked in Washington, DC. He’s spent only four years in state level politics, and was, by virtually all accounts, very successful at that–lowering unemployment in his state to 4.7 percent, creating the country’s best schools, and eliminiating the state’s deficit. He balanced, along with a house full of Democrats, his state’s budget four consecutive years.  Are you listening? While Mr. Obama can’t even get his own party to bring his budgets to a house vote, Mr. Romney, with a heavily Democrate house, balanced four budgets. Not only is he an outsider, he’s a supremely qualified outsider. He’s exactly what America has been craving, starving for in fact, for the last four decades.
Romney learned his leadership skills not from other politicians, by fiddling around D.C., but from the best industry and fiscal engineers the world has ever known. If recent polling data can be trusted, the electorate is finally waking up, and come Nov 6, we’ll send a true outsider to D.C., and we’ll all see, within a couple of years, what truly focused, data driven, politically blind leadership will do for the republic. I can hardly wait. 

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