Democrats…(or rather Conservatives) Listen to Carville: Wake Up

My Case for Mitt Romney
Alecia T. Williams


Democratic strategist James Carville is mad.

James Carville is best known for the role he played as lead strategist for Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign, but he is also known as an outspoken voice for the liberal cause.  His sometimes brazen and off-the-cuff commentary has frequently landed him in hot water with conservatives, but his unapologetic stance and opinions have also awarded him plenty of praise from the left.

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Yesterday, Carville challenged Democrats to declare war on Republicans.  He called for a greater sense of urgency for the control of the White House in November.  In a column on, Carville said “Wake up Democrats, you could lose this election.”

He charged that too many Democrats are overly confident in the president’s ability to defeat Mitt Romney.  He highlighted that incumbents are losing elections all over the world.  He reminded them that election polls are tightening in every swing state.  He warned them that the lousy economy is a real threat to an Obama victory.  He essentially warned that there is an “earthquake” and Democrats better rally.

I hope no one was listening….

Biggest problem?  James Carville just might be right.

Democrats are disheartened and are becoming complacent. In four years, passion for their “Superstar / Messiah-like” candidate has greatly diminished.  College students who voted with overwhelming enthusiasm four years ago, are now facing graduation and half of them will be unable to find a job.  I doubt their enthusiasm will be as strong this time around.

The economy stinks.  The housing market is still crumbling.  To be blunt, “Hope & Change” didn’t happen.

(Notice the empty seats in the upper bowl).

As Peter Wehner from Commentary Magazine wrote today, President Obama is like an aging rock star who is pleading with his followers to re-live the “glory days”of his 2008 run.


Carville is right to fear that Democrats are becoming complacent.  They just might be.

But I would caution that complacency is also a great threat to the Conservative cause.


Republicans seem to be under the assumption that a deep resentment of Obama’s policies, a weak economy and a growing complacency among liberals will be enough to defeat Obama.

I am here to say that these conservatives are totally wrong.

Conservatives are fools to think that our frustration for this president will create enough momentum for a November victory.  Many conservatives have been reluctant to embrace Mitt Romney.  Do they really believe that this resentment is strong enough to get them to the polls to vote for their second choice candidate, Mitt Romney?  Are they under the impression that their vote doesn’t matter and that someone else will show up and vote for Mitt?

Mitt Romney needs more than a hatred for President Obama to win.  He needs enthusiasm.  He needs us to feel a sense of urgency.  He needs us to rally.  Mitt Romney needs an awakening.

Ironically, Conservatives should heed Carville’s advice:  ”Democrats Conservatives realize that there is an earthquake. Wake up and rally or we could lose.”

I hope Carville’s invitation will awaken Conservatives rather than ignite Liberals to rally behind their dimished rock star candidate.

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Obama isn’t working, but every conservative needs to rally to ensure that his extreme policies will end on November 6th.

Go Mitt.


Please read more about why I believe that Mitt Romney is the right leader, with the right experience, who has emerged at the right time.
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Author:Alecia Williams

Our country is at an extremely critical point in history. Our dependency on foreign money and oil has never been higher. Our leaders are addicted to the debt they create. America is desperate for a leader with true experience in governing, solving problems, understanding our economy and the ability to rally our leaders to find real compromises—desperate for a president who can do more than inspire. I am deeply concerned about our future. I am one voice, but this is my case for Mitt Romney.

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