4 Fabulous Tips To Improve Your Short Game

Golf is all about how well you maintain your stance. The moment you understand how your body and golf are connected, you would get much better at your game. Needless to say, golf is not an easy game. The most difficult part about golf is the short game. Not everyone is able to play the game well. However, there are some tips that you can use to get better at it. Some of these tips are mentioned below:

  • Be flexible while pitching:

The movement has an important role to play in golf. The more flexible you make your body, the better your game would be. Especially when you are pitching during a short game, make sure to not stiffen your hands as this can affect your shot.

  • Use arms to pitch:

The way you use your arms while you pitch can make a lot of difference to your game. While pitching, try to keep the maximum focus on your hands but do not put any pressure on them so that the shot gets hindered.

  • Slam your club for a flop shot:

To get your flop shot right, you need to slam your club to get the required bounce. This might sound scary but if done properly, it would not affect your club at all.

  • Be gentle while chipping:

When you chip in a short game, the key is to be a little soft with your club. You have to touch your golf stick with the minimum pressure so that your chipping game is on point.

With these tips, you will be able to race in the short game no matter what. Fun but tricky games such as golf or poker online terpercaya can be played with some expert tips and tricks quite easily. I hope it helps!