Dice Wars: The Newest Hot Online Game

One of the great things about video games is that a game can be fun simply by having fun gameplay. Most video games on consoles are overloaded with really big graphics, complicated concepts and long cutscenes. A lot of the time the developers of these games spend so much time on these concepts that they forget to just make a fun game. Fortunately for years there have been much simpler games that you can find online that are fun that you can play for hours. The first and classic example of this is Tetris. Once again there is another game online that is wasting many hours of my time. It is called Dice Wars.

Dice Wars is sort of like the board game risk except that you play with dice and you can only play online. Well, I guess you could play Dice Wars at home but you would need somewhere close to 100 dice. Basically the Dice Wars board is divided up into different countries. Each player has a certain amount of countries and you try and take over the other countries. It is like playing judi online terpercaya, it is a simple game yet, you need to be very careful and strategic for you to be successful in playing it.

Every country in Dice Wars starts off with multiple dice on it. In order to take over another country you choose which country of yours wants to attack and which country on the opposing team you are attacking. After you’ve decided what country is being attacked the attacker and the opponent being attacked roll how many dice are on that country and the higher amount wins. Naturally that means you want to use a country in Dice Wars with a lot of dice on it and you want to attack a country with less dice. For example if you have a country in Dice Wars with 7 dice on it then it makes sense to attack a country with one die. The lowest score you can get is 7, by rolling seven 1’s. The highest score your opponent can get is a six. The only countries that can’t attack are the countries that only have one die.

Once you’ve attacked one of two things can happen. If the attacker wins all the dice from that space except for one moves to the new country you’ve won. If the attacker loses then that country gets reduced to one die. So the worst that can happen to an attacking team is to be reduced to one die. A country in Dice Wars can not be lost until the other team gets a turn and they attack that country.

One player gets to make as many moves as they like and then when they decide to end their turn they are awarded more dice depending on how many connecting countries they own. If they have 12 countries that are all connected then they will receive 12 new dice but the Dice Wars computer will place them on the countries randomly, the player doesn’t get to choose where the dice are put. If one player has 12 countries but only 10 are connected then they will only get 10 new dice.

There is also a lot of strategy involved in Dice Wars. A player can not readjust where any of their dice on the Dice Wars board are located so it can make for some difficult decisions at times. The toughest strategic part of Dice Wars is knowing not to make too many moves. Sometimes you’ll get so carried away with conquering countries that a lot of your other countries will only have one die. Then the other team can come through and get a bunch of countries in a row.

Dice Wars is fun and addictive. The game also goes very fast, especially the computer’s moves, sometimes it goes too fast. Anybody that likes puzzle or strategy games, games that make you think, will probably enjoy Dice Wars.