Half-Life: The Game that Changed My Whole Life

I still remember with fondness the first video card I ever bought: the Voodoo 3. I saved up around $300 dollars to buy it (yes, this was a very long time ago) in order to play Half-Life. I remember seeing the intro to the game on my friend’s computer, and it instantly had me hooked. The (now infamous) hero, Gordon Freeman, is guided through a cinematic first-person tour of the Black Mesa facility, then jumps right in and starts an experiment with disastrous results. It soon had my heart pumping as machinery exploded and aliens jumped out of space-time rips to attack me, while I had only a crowbar to defend myself. It changed gaming forever.

Why it rocked:

1: The immersion– By today’s standards, Half-Life’s graphics look like cardboard boxes glued together. That’s why the level of immersion in this thriller was such a feat. The story, the environment, and the sound combined to create an adrenaline-driven nightmare. Head crabs jumped at your face in ventilation ducts, fluorescent lights flickered to reveal eerie flashes of zombies raising their grotesque claws, and the music always kicked in at just the right moment to tell you something horrible was coming.

2: The sequels– Half-Life is the father of today’s first-person legends. Of course, Half-Life 2 and its own sequels are a lasting legacy that revolutionized gaming with great plots, gorgeous graphics, and ground-breaking physics. But this series is just a small example of Half-Life’s influence on the gaming world. It spawned multiplayer titles like Counter Strike and Team Fortress, which are still some of the most played games at LAN parties. It influenced independent mods, like They Hunger, a brilliant zombie series. It even led to the creation of the Portal series, the most amazing and playable puzzle games I have ever laid hands on (and the mother of countless internet memes). I even bought the short expansions to Half-Life (Opposing Force, Blue Shift, and Decay). While lackluster as full games, they added to the legacy of Half-Life and created a depth of plot lacking in many modern titles.

3: It is the original first-person game– I know, right now people are saying, “What about Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake?” Yes, those are all beautiful games, and I have played them thoroughly, but Half-Life’s unrivaled brilliance forever changed the genre. No other FPS series has been as prolific and influential. None have had the same replayability. None can rival the level of nostalgia people like me have for it. Those of us that grew up on Half-Life see games like Halo and cringe. We can see the simplistic rip-offs taken from the Half-Life series, and shake our heads at the elements they have left out.

Half-Life created a generation of gamers and die-hard fans, and I am one of them. The silent protagonist, Gordon Freeman, is our role model. G-men put ice in our stomachs, and crowbars are our best friends. If you love Halo and have never touched Half-Life, I implore you to pick it up. I still dust off my copy from time to time, and it never gets old. If you want a self controller, then you can build your own PlayStation controller at home. It will be free of cost in playing and enjoyment can be taken for long period.

Paper Mario Among Top Four RPG Games for Beginners

If you’ve never played an RPG game, your initial thoughts of the genre may be filled with dungeons, dragons and a whole lot of Pokemon. RPG video games have advanced throughout the years, expanded into different game franchises and allowed newbies to easily adapt. There are four specific games that mix in elements of other games, and that let you get accustomed to the RPG format while providing hours of fun.

Paper Mario

Almost every video game player has been exposed to a Super Mario game. The Paper Mario franchise takes the familiar elements of Mario and mixes them with the RPG style of gameplay. Whether you play the original Nintendo 64 version, the Gamecube sequel Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door or the Wii title Super Paper Mario, each will give you a proper intro to RPG games.

The highlight of these games are that the story doesn’t just revolve around saving the Princess. There are multiple storylines, extended character development and plenty of early-level tutorials like what situs judi bola resmi provides to players to get you accustomed to the layout.

Kingdom Hearts

Final Fantasy is one of the most popular game franchises available, but if you’re not ready to jump in, you can take the small leap into Kingdom Hearts. A mix of Final Fantasy and the Disney universe, this is a modern RPG with style, deep gameplay and incredible graphics.

Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II are both available on PS2. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is a new version available for the PSP. You can play any version without knowing the story of the other because everything is explained through cinema-like scenes.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The Star Wars universe has produced dozens of games in a variety of genres, but nothing can quite match their RPG franchise entitled Knights of the Old Republic. Build your own Jedi and train him up to learn new powers, access new weapons and choose the dark side or the light side.

Both games in the series are available on PC, Xbox and Mac computers. The best part of the game is traveling to the different planets that have new missions, objectives and goals for each player.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls series is a PC RPG franchise that introduces a new story, world and gameplay with each edition. The best version of beginners is Oblivion. The game has an action style similar to the action genre, but incorporates key elements of RPG gaming. The game is open to explore, so players can take their time adapting to the controls and learning about the different features.

This game gives newbies the true RPG experience from start to finish as they create characters, choose their path and complete quests to expand experience.

Farm Pals Awards Guide

When you do certain things in Farm Pals, you will be rewarded with awards. These awards will give you coins and points. In this guide, I will list the awards you can receive and how you go about receiving them. I will also show you how to view your awards. With pussy 888 you get best rewards and level up in the game much faster with the tips that are there in the website.

Loved Farm

The first award is the Loved Farm award. This award is given for loving your farm. The first time you show your farm love, you will be rewarded with the bronze trophy. You will then have to show your farm love 10 more times to receive the silver trophy. After receiving that trophy, you will need to show your farm love 25 times to get the gold and then 100 times to get the champion. Once you reach the champion trophy, no more will be given for showing love to your farm.

Bird Chaser

The next award is given for chasing birds away from your farm. The first time you chase a bird away, you will earn the bronze trophy. The second time, you will have to chase 10 birds away and you will earn the silver trophy. Once you have chased 25 birds out of your fields, you will earn the gold trophy. Then you will win the champion trophy once you have successfully chased away 100 birds.

Clean Farm

This award is given for keeping your farm clean. To clean your farm, you will need to keep the leaves raked. The first time you rake your leaves, you will earn the bronze trophy. Then you will need to clean your farm 10 times to get the silver trophy. You will be awarded the gold trophy once your farm has been cleaned 25 times. The champion trophy will be yours once you have raked 100 times.

As of right now, these are all of the trophies that are available. Maybe in the future, the developers will add more trophies to win. Winning a trophy will earn you points and coins. So, by doing your normal jobs, you will be rewarded twice. Once for doing the job and then again by winning trophies. The higher the trophy, the more you will win. For example, you will win more from earning a champion trophy than you did when you won the silver trophy.

How to View Your Awards in Farm Pals

To view your awards in Farm Pals, you will need to click the Awards button. This button is located at the top of your game. Once you click the button, the box will open and you will see the trophies you have won and the trophies that are left to win.

When you win a trophy, you will see a box open. In that box, you will see what trophy you won and what you will get for it.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Among the All Time Greats?

Ever since the original Uncharted was released early in the Playstation 3’s life, fans have called for a sequel. On October 13th, 2009 their patience was rewarded. To say this game is astounding would be similar to saying Michael Jordan played a bit of basketball. Naughty Dog has always been looked upon by the gaming community as one of the consistently good developers, but with Uncharted 2 they really go above and beyond the call of duty. Anyone who owns a Playstation 3 should not hesitate to pick this game up. Some of the simplest games to play on the console is Bandarqq.

Graphics amp; Audio: Anyone who played the first Uncharted already knew the second one would set new graphical standards, but no one could anticipate the sheer brilliance of them. No game on the market has attempted the scale and depth of presentation that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has. The character models are the most life-like of any video game to date, facial animation and voice acting has always been important to Naughty Dog… and Uncharted 2 is no exception. This game should really be experienced with a surround sound setup, as the ambient sounds and directional noises are unmatched.

Gameplay: While Uncharted 2 doesn’t necessarily revolutionize the genre of action, or change the basic formula to a third person shooter, it does perfect all these elements. Platforming has never been so crisp in an action game. As you jump to a seemingly sturdy ledge, you may find it crumbling out from underneath, forcing you to jump to another quickly. Platforming and shooting don’t encompass the entire game though, there are many scripted events that put you in precarious situations. Car chases, train wrecks and helicopter encounters are all in the game, and all are brilliant.

Creativity: The creative aspects of this game are often overshadowed by the beautiful graphics, and stellar gameplay… but the humor and crispness of Uncharted 2’s script should not be overlooked. Many ‘epic’ moments in this game are made even more so by the timely comments of the hero Nathan Drake, or one of his companions. The writers of Uncharted 2 have a great sense of humor, which fits perfectly with the personality of the characters in the game.

Fun: Anyone who plays this game and doesn’t have fun is probably not meant to play video games. I have yet to encounter a person who hasn’t loved every minute of it. That being said, the single player part of the game, while very fulfilling, is somewhat short. The average player should take about 8 hours to complete it. Of course there is multiplayer that many spend hours upon hours on by itself.

Overall, this game is a must own by anyone with a Playstation 3. I’m sure hearing about it or watching videos has convinced many to take the plunge and buy Sony’s console. I’m sure they aren’t sorry they did, and you won’t be sorry either if you buy Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Best Free Online Horse Games for Kids

I admit it; I was not too familiar with online horse games for kids. But after doing a little bit of research, I can see why kids would have so much fun playing with these online horse games. If you have a horse fan in your house, you need to check out these websites to play these online horse games. For more fun games you can visit Agen Bola Terpercaya. You get hundreds of kids games that your kids can enjoy.

Horseland has a basic membership which is free and a premium membership which costs $79.99 a year or $9.99 for a month. There seems to be a lot of stuff your kids can do for free, so I would definitely start with the basic membership. First, your child will have to register. Since this website is open to people of all ages, it may be best to supervise your child, as this is the Internet, and we all know that not everybody online is on the up and up. After your child registers, they’ll get to create a unique avatar. Then the fun begins. Your child can start playing the horse games, meet other horse owners, and earn coins. Some of the games that can be played are Appleloosa, Messenger Girl, Jumping Mad, and Race Camp. When you win these games you’re given coins. Once you accumulate enough of these coins you can cash them in at the store, buy more horses or start a horse show. There is a lot of to do on this website and I’m sure this would be a lot of fun.

Here you will find a lot of online horse games for your child to enjoy. The following are some games that you can just click and play without having to register and give any additional information: Horse Draw, on this website, you simply can draw your own horse. Horse Memory Game, a new take on the old favorite game of memory. I love the memory game for kids as they’re learning and playing at the same time. Lemonade Stall, your kids will learn how to make money by setting up their own lemonade stand at a horse race. There is a lot of reading and thinking involved with this game, so I would say this is geared to an older child. Catch the Pony, this is definitely a great game for a younger child. For this game, you simply have to click on the fast-moving pony. The Pony Poopers, my son tested this game for me and gave it the thumbs up. The object is to move your mouse away from the ponies, if you don’t, I’ll give you one guess what the ponies will do to you.

This is a wonderful website to find all sorts of online horse games. You will find online mazes, concentration game, block game, breeds jumble, search-a-word, coloring book, sliding puzzle, and many more games to play online. Theres also a game room section with more arcade like games. There are five different horse arcade games for kids to play, including a horse dress-up game.

Free Online Christmas Games For Kids

I love to play online games when I get home from work. It is usually late at night, and I am too wound up from working to be able to go to bed, so I play games. I have found a couple of sites that have some really cool games for the holidays. You can play for free, or if you want you can buy games to play on your computer also. These three sites are all designed for kids to play games at, and all three are free.

One of my favorite sites is at online-Christmas-games.com. These games are fairly easy to play, and designed even for kids to play. With games such as Snowball, where you are Santa and you need to find the imps that are hiding in the presents, it is like playing a really old Atari game. You are bouncing a snowball back and forth until you have shot down all of the boxes and find all of the imps in the present. I wasn’t very good at this game. Then you have PAC. This is played just like PacMan, with the exception you use your mouse to move around and eat all of the food. There is on or two monsters that you have to avoid and each level gets more difficult. Watch out in level four. They shoot at you! and you can die easily. This game is difficult to play on a lap top unless you are using and external mouse. They also have games such as Christmas Mini Golf, and Satama, where you are Santa and you have to gather all of your presents, candy canes and reindeer without getting caught by the evil little penguins. They are not nice! They also have other games, not just Christmas ones. I love this site and I think you will too.

Another site that has free on line Christmas games to play this winter holiday is at Neopets.com. This site has many games to play such as Snowmuncher, Shadow Shuttle, and Make Your List just to name a couple. In Make Your List, you are helping Andy to write his letter to Santa, but he forgot what he wanted to put on his list. When the little thought bubble comes up, you need to remember what all you saw and find it and put it on his list. Sounds easy but it really is not. I prefer to play Snow Wars II. In this game you get to use catapults to knock down the fortresses of the snow beasts and the Lupe’s. This game is really fun and lots of laughs. What I like is that they have this site fun for kids and adults both, and they get to earn points and buy stuff and to have pets to care for.

Another site that I came by that I like to play in at night, mainly because they are simple to play and easy to do, is at Akidsheart.com. This site is set up for teachers and parents to use to help their kids and students to learn, and they have some pretty fun games to play, such as Christmas Bells, where you can play music with the bells, and if you know your notes, you can play some pretty amazing songs. Other games such as the Christmas Tree Lights has got me stumped. You are supposed to be able to connect all the lights and wires and the whole tree will light up, but I still have not mastered it! I will leave it to the younger crowd, I am sure that they will get it easily enough!

All in all, even with all the bad out there, there are still sites designed with kids in mind that are safe places for them to play at and have fun and learn. For a wide variety of online Christmas games and several other games you can check out bandar ceme online. You can play these online games for free.

See if it’s Worth for you to Pay for Playing Online Games

Are pay to play games worth it? You know, there are tons of free options available today. Some games allow you to use your cash on more advantageous ways such as winning in Situs Judi online Terpercaya.

We have all heard of the games World of Warcraft, EVE online, and many other popular mmorpg’s (massive multi player online role playing game) and everyone who plays them has rave reviews about them. One question that is always lingering in the back of my mind is, are they worth $15 a month? Over the course of a year you are paying $180, and that is just the basic subscription price for most games. On top of that there are account activation fees, premium items, and buying other in-game luxuries. Also, with many of the games you have to pay online, and paying online you risk having hackers stealing your personal information. Now back to my question. Are these games really worth the money and risk? Yes! As long as you play the game often you are definitely getting your money’s worth out of the games.

Pros and Cons

Online Payment- Pro, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your computer desk. Con, you risk a hacker getting your personal info.

Cost- Pro, the game is rapidly updated with anti-hacker, and other software updates. Con, you are wasting money if you barely play.

Online Aspect- Pro, you get to play with other people, therefore altering the gaming experience. Con, some people may be out to get you with viruses, get good anti-virus software

What are these games, and what do you do?

In most pay to play online game mmorpg’s you start out with a basic customized character, and you complete quests, or missions to make your character better with the far off goal of eventually being the best player in the game. Also, you must try to make allies, and keep them close as well as your enemies. These games are wildly fun and addictive, but again I stress that you really shouldn’t play unless you have enough time to waste every day.

Who plays, and how many people play?

The great thing about these games is that all sorts of people from all walks of life play. Millions of people play these games, and many people have found great friendships in-game, I even hear from time to time about two people meeting up from an online game, and eventually getting married. There are limitless possibilities with these game.

Are these games right for me?

I cannot really answer this question. My advice is to look around, and if you see one you might like, download the trial, if you are in love with the game, go ahead and buy a subscription, and have fun!

Ninja And Genjuro Samurai Fight Related Games Online

Ninja and Samurai fight games are making a much-needed comeback in the mainstream video game industry. People are excited to enjoy ninja and samurai fights again. The super-skilled warriors in the game still drives people crazy. It has been a popular video game genre and now making a comeback. A lot of ninja and Genjuro Samurai fight related games are available online.  These games are inspired by a Japanese fighter samurai and his counterpart ninja. A story line is necessary in these kinds of games.  Often the plot is based on  Japanese folktales and traditions.

Related games of this category

Below is the list of few samurai and ninja games available online for free-

  • Samurai Warriors

Many versions of Samurai Warriors have come up. This game is known for its spectacular graphics and gameplay. It is a war game where a battle has to be won. The players have at their disposal a variety of weapons, crowd clearing special moves and range of combo attacks. For maximum effect, choose the characters wisely and time your attacks. This game is available both in single player and multiplayer mode.

  • Ninjaman

It is a great fighting game. You are supposed to defeat dark ninja and his minions while facing the countless traps and dangerous hazards. It is an action-packed, sword fighting game. The graphics of this game are very appealing. The game is challenging because the enemies have different styles of attack which is difficult to understand in the beginning.

  • Shuriken challenge

In this game, you are supposed to throw shuriken on the attackers and keep the ninja moving. It is recommended to time the attacks carefully and not waste the weapons. The most fun part is playing the ninja character with excellent graphics and challenges in the game.

Ninja and Samurai games are still popular among people. They are packed with action, challenge and excitement. There are several other ninja and samurai fighting games available on bandarqq online.

How Much Does The Video Games Industry Benefit From The Global Market?

Through the continuous advancement and development of technology, some sectors of the economy that were practically non-existent before are now one of the rising contributors to the global market and economy. One of these sectors is the video game industry. Over the years, video gaming has been on the rise and it is now considered as the most popular screening platform that is highly appreciated by millions of people across the globe. In terms of the global market, video game industry is one of the main contributors to its success. That is why a lot of investors are targeting companies that fall under the sector of video gaming as they can see a lot of big potentials on this sector. But the real question is, how much does the video games industry benefit form the global market?

The success of the and the continuous raging power of video gaming industry do not solely rely on the quality designs and graphics of several games in the market. According to studies, the main reason why people are engaging in this type of entertainment is because of the actual behavior of the modern people. People of today’s generation are more technology dependent than people before.

According to the recent research, the $134.9 billion market value marks a 10.9% increase over 2017. Moreover, experts are expecting mobile accounts for the bulk of the revenue of the industry , hence, almost 48% of it which is equivalent to 63.2 billion dollar to double in the coming years. Consequently, smartphones provided more opportunities for video games to grow up to 10% more of the overall market.

With these figures, we can definitely say that video games like situs judi online can be a giant in the global market.

Early Access Of The Most Popular Board Game Gloomhaven

The board games are popular even before the evolution of internet games. They are the most interesting mind games that winning takes special skills like consistent practice. The best thing about the board game is the involvement of strategies and tricks to win the levels. There are many online board games which can be played on different devices. The Gloomhaven which is the most popular board game enters the early access with great benefits. The original game has a large number of followers and the new version is hiking its expectations on all levels of game enthusiasts.

Features of Gloomhaven Early Access

The Gloomhavenboard game has early access which is going to be available on all the platforms. The game has added different features for its followers as follows

  • Customization: The richly designed game has been provided with different customization options. This dungeon crawler game comes with excellent gameplay and enhanced experience for its players.
  • Enhanced RPG: The Role-Playing Game has increased different interesting experiences for its users with a vast collection of scenarios and items. There are different characters which are added to the game and it can be purchased with early access.
  • Environments: The board game is now available with different environments which help the players to experience different scenarios. There are different themes and it can be purchased with early access.
  • Increased adventures: The Gloomhaven game has been enhanced with updates featuring different adventures which are exciting for the players.
  • New modes: There are different modes available in this board game-like campaign mode and co-op mode.

These are the features added in the early access of the board game Gloomhaven.