Recover Deleted Cell Phone Text To Stop Infidelity In Its Tracks

With the growth of social media and many other messaging apps, it has become quite an easy task for people to meet new online friends. There are many dating apps available that many people use to get hooked these kinds of apps have made it easy for people to cheat their lovers. And if you are some one who thinks that your partner is cheating on you with some other person than you can easily check his or her loyalty by recovering their deleted cell phone messages.

If you are wondering how can you do that without any knowledge of it or how to recover iphoneimessages? Then you will know all the methods to recover deleted iMessage in this article.

Methods for recovering deleted messages on an iPhone

  • Method 1

If you want to restore iMessages without backup then first you need to do is download and install an iMessage recovery software on your mac or pc. Connect your phone to the pc and scan your device. You will find all the deleted messages once the scan is completed you can preview them or store them as per your wish.

  • Method 2

You can also restore deleted messages from the iCloud backup. To do that just reboot your device and select set up as a new device option and follow all the instructions. Then you will be asked to restore from iCloud backup do that and all the deleted messages will be restored.

  • Method 3

You can also use iTunes to restore your deleted messages. To do that open iTunes on your pc and connect your device and click on the restore option. Restart your device and all the messages will be there.

If you are not sure about the loyalty of your partner and want to check whom they are chatting to on your back. Then you can recover all the deleted text messages of their iPhone by following the above methods.