On November 2nd, Bill O’Reilly asked the millions of people who watch his nightly cable broadcast, “The O’Reilly Factor”, to vote in a poll that is found on his personal website (  It’s not the fact that he has a poll for people to vote in, nor the fact that he has a personal website that is so interesting!  It’s the nature of the poll that is most intriguing!  It’s WHAT the results of the poll could do for Governor Romney’s popularity and momentum as we inch our way closer and closer to (the process of) nominating our next president

The question found on Bill O’Reilly’s poll is:

  • At this point in time, which Republican could beat Barack Obama?

It’s an interesting question to say the least and the mere thought of Barack Obama no longer having access and ability to inact his radical agenda while occupying the most powerful position on the planet is down right celebratory and uplifting in the highest degree!!!  This simple question almost immediately stirs up the hopeful emotions that (current polling data shows; see: Zogby, Oct/Nov 2009) a majority of Americans are patiently…and some/most impatiently…dreaming about.  While it is (unfortunately) still too early for Obama’s staff to begin planning his multi-million dollar (paid for by the tax-payers) farewell party (which will more than likely be hosted by the likes of Jeremiah Wright, ACORN leadership, SEIU members, Van Jones, and Fidel Castro…with a surprise visit from Raul Castro dressed up like Mao), it isn’t too early for the masses of able-minded and constitution-loving Americans to begin thinking about who should take his place in the Oval Office.  It’s never too early to begin building momentum and if enough people can take part in Bill O’Reilly’s poll in support of the Governor (Romney) then there’s a good chance for some real ”moMITTum” to take root in the minds of voters while propelling the thoughts of people across the country to start taking Governor Romney seriously as the only viable choice to unseat “the Chosen One”.

Here are the choices for participants of the poll to choose from (

  • Mike Huckabee
  • Mitt Romney
  • Sarah Palin
  • Newt Gingrich

The reason this poll is so intriguing for supporters of Governor Romney (as well as for those who are hopeful for someone who has the experience and ability to “fix” what Obama has so massively broken) is because of the viewership that Bill O’Reilly has on a nightly basis.  He has the MOST WATCHED cable news program on all of cable television and his numbers are staggering when compared to any other program on any other cable channel!  In fact, when you add up all of the other news programs during the same time-slot on all of the remaining competing channels he STILL has more viewers!  Even his nightly “re-runs” on Fox News has more viewers than his prime-time competition, which is impressive.  You don’t have to like Bill O’Reilly…you don’t even have to be one of the millions who watch his show; you just have to respect the sheer volume of viewers that his nightly news commentary program gets and recognize that as a major opportunity!  If Mitt Romney can get enough numbers on this poll to make his name stand out, or…even betterWIN…then he would be in the minds of millions of Americans throughout the country as someone whom the public ALREADY admires and respects!  Folks, this isn’t a cheesy FaceBook or iPod-application poll!  This poll…the one found on Bill O’Reilly’s web page ( …will be viewed by millions and millions of people from coast to coast (as well as in various countries across the planet, which certainly must drive BSNBC’s Keith Odormann and that cute little boy, Rachel Maddow absolutel nuts…as well as the twelve people across the country who regularly watch their shows)!  This is a great opportunity for Romney supporters to help get the Governor’s name “out there” as well as an opportunity to show the country that Mike Huckabee is NOT a viable candidate nor a respected individual, let alone a politician.  It’s an opportunity to squelch the hype that is Sarah Palin, too!  It’s high-time she just stayed away from national politics and enjoyed the private sector for at least the next decade.  With as many viewers as Bill O’Reilly has access to on a nightly basis…the results of this poll could very well imply that (to her and her single-minded supporters)…loud and clear!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!

Like a staunch foot odor or single-celled bacteria, Mike Huckabee has been tirelessly trying to worm his way in front of people in an effort to become more popular and likeable, while hoping that we’ve all forgotten what he’s done, what he’s doing, and what he’s willing to do.  He’s even recently proven that he’s willing to barter his (already much-maligned) reputation for a weekly paycheck and a spot on a seldomly-watched weekend television show named after himself so he can ”jam” on the bass guitar in an effort to appear hip and cool…just like his buddy, Bill Clinton.  Hmmm.  For those who are already informed and could never forget, we already know Huckabee’s ethically-challenged record and his willingness to exchange morals and integrity for a chance to ruin Governor Romney’s chance of winning the nomination.  The mere fact that Huckabee “teamed up” with his cohort-in-crime John McCain (one of the absolute biggest RINO‘s in the land) during the primaries of 2008 should have been enough for ALL of his past and current God-fearing supporters to write him off and discard him into political irrelevancy!  The fact that he was willing to “sell his political soul” to John McCain in order to possibly become his running-mate was down right despicable and shamefully obvious.  This poll is a perfect opportunity to help “nudge” Huckabee’s single-issue supporters into realizing the inevitable, which is that he is unelectable (just like Sarah Palin…especially like Sarah Palin), unqualified to “un-do” that which Obama has done, unethical, and politically inferior, but morally comparable, to Barack Obama.  Well, maybe they won’t be able to infer ALL of that just from Bill O’Reilly’s poll, but maybe if “the Huckster’s” numbers are low enough then they’ll start investigating other contenders who don’t act as whorish during opportunities of a political nature?!  Heaven help us if he (or Sarah Palin) end up winning O’Reilly’s poll.

Romney has a very motivated voting-base who have all helped him get his message of a free and strong America out into the public.  Here is yet another way for Romney’s impressive base of supporters to show the rest of the country that we mean business.  It’s an opportunity to show America that Governor Romney ALREADY has a lot of support even if it is three years until the election of 2012!!!  It’s an opportunity that we really should take full advantage of…and I hope that we will!

While it may be too early to send Barack Obama into the over-saturated public speaking circuit or to allow him to pursue his dream of becoming the next U.N. Secretary General, it is NOT too early to begin planning and preparing for it!  Still…to this day…there has yet to come another individual aspiring to the presidency with as much raw experience, strength, ability, leadership, or integrity as Mitt Romney…and I defy the person who tries to prove otherwise!!! Everyone who is reading this post knows this already, but we have to wonder about those who are not reading this.  We have to do what we can that will prompt our fellow Americans to begin thinking about or considering a Mitt Romney administration!  One of the great things about being a Mitt Romney supporter is that we have absolutely NOTHING TO HIDE about him!  His past speaks for itself and his accomplishments speak even louder!  We just have to get more Americans to start looking into who Mitt Romney is and at this point in time there isn’t a better opportunity than by helping the Governor show BIG numbers in Bill O’Reilly’s poll!

Again, here’s the web site where the poll can be found at:

Go!  Go and do! Tell your friends and your family members and your co-workers and cohorts!  Let’s take advantage of this great opportunity and let our numbers do the talking!  We all know the magic that Mitt Romney worked at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.  Well, my fellow Americans, I hate to break it to you, but AMERICA is now the “Winter Olympics” and we desperately need Romney to work his magic…on a slightly bigger scale this time!!! He’s done it time and time and time again with private companies for more than twenty years and I say it’s time for us to let him do it to our aching country…to bring us back to our roots and repair that which is utterly and shamefully brokenYOU know this; I know this; now let’s allow our neighbors to know this by bringing his name to the forefront in November 2009.  Like I said before, it’s never too early to begin establishing solid moMITTum…even if it is three years until that moMITTum will yield a desired result!

FYI…I believe that the Bill O’Reilly poll ( will be finalized at the end of the week (or possibly even Thursday) so time is of the essence!!!

Here’s hoping for a Romney/Gingrich ticket in 2012!!! Heck…a guy can day-dream, right???

God Bless America!

NOTE: I don’t want to make it seem as if ALL is riding on this non-scientific poll conducted by a television personality.  It’s just a poll and I’m sure it won’t “make or break” anyone listed on it.  I do believe that this is a great opportunity to develop some momentum for Romney if he can have a strong showing, but he isn’t going to win in 2012 just because of Bill O’Reilly’s popularity poll.  I’m pretty sure everyone reading this understands my point.  I’m personally very much looking forward to 2012 as an opportunity to erase one of our country’s biggest mistakes and strongly believe that no one could more successfully erase that mistake (and a lot of the residual that will be left over from said msitake) than Mitt Romney.  So, like I said…it’s just a poll, but it’s also an opportunity that I hope is taken advantage of.  Be well!

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10 Responses to “BILL O’REILLY’S POLL QUESTION: A Great Opportunity!!!”

  1. fred rubio
    November 4, 2009 at 5:56 pm #

    Palin is the only one who talks straight conservative in the group. We don’t need those “big tent” guys in there.

  2. fred rubio
    November 4, 2009 at 6:00 pm #

    I’m talking about the possible candidates Bill mentioned.

  3. November 4, 2009 at 8:37 pm #

    Fred, has it not crossed your mind that it may be foolish to alienate all other aspects of the Republican party by assuming that the party can win if it is only the conservatives who show up to vote? No! We can stick to our conservative message while not alienating the rest of our party. We absolutely need their votes if we are to dig Obama out of the White House.

    If Liberals want to vote for our conservative candidate, them let them! It doesn’t mean to need to change our message to fit theirs. We simply need voters and can still win them on the conservative message. What is so difficult to understand about this? The bigger the tent, the bigger the voter turnout.

  4. November 4, 2009 at 10:22 pm #

    You’re right, Fred. Palin does TALK conservatively…but SO DO I!!! And let’s face it…the experience level between someone like me and Sarah Palin really isn’t that far apart. I like Sarah Palin and have some respect for her, but she is a junior varsity player competing against professional athletes! She, like Obama, is in way over her head. Had she NOT quit as governor and served a complete second term then I would be right there with you in supporting her as a viable canidate in 2016 (or, even better, in 2020). But…she DID quit…she has no experience…she has a terrible reputation among people who don’t know any better…and she’s the most polarizing political figure in America today! There’s no way she wins the general election! NO WAY!!! We absolutely need someone who is built with the necessities of “fixing things that are broken”. There is no one more better suited for this than Mitt Romney. Everything this man has touched has turned to gold and his past is not mired in scandal like everyone else’s! He also has enough personal wealth (earned, not given) to not care about doing special favors for special interest! He has absolutely no problems upsetting the establishment if it means doing what’s right! How nice would that be to have a president who doesn’t owe anyone or anything any special favors??? How nice would it be to have a president who is honest and truthful and full of integrity???

    Palin would have been a GOP super star had she declined McCain’s offer to be his running mate. Sadly, her ego would not allow her to do such a thing and the results were disasterous to say the least! I blame McCain for playing the liberal game of identity politics, but I also blame Palin for not recognizing the simple fact that she was barely more qualified than Joe the Plummer!!!

    C’mon…get real, Fred!

  5. Dusty Renner
    November 10, 2009 at 8:12 pm #

    I’ve seen this poll. It was a horse race when I saw it. I believe Mitt Romney is the only Republican that can beat Obama right now, but I also believe that Obama will make any Republican he runs against look good. Romney has the knowledge and know how to save our economy (if that can even be done at this point). He also has an answer to the health care crisis. He solved it in Massachusetts. Mitt Romney is the answer the Republican Party needs right now. He is a true conservative with good morals and values. We need another Ronald Reagan and I believe that could be Mitt Romney if America gives him a chance. I supported Fred Thompson in the 2008 primaries, but next time around I will definitely be supporting Mitt. I would love to see a Romney/Pence ticket for 2012.

  6. November 11, 2009 at 12:28 am #

    More than 77,000 people turned out to cast a vote in Bill O’Reilly’s poll and as expected, the results were close. Governor Romney came in third place with 26%. The “Huckster” came in second with 28%; and the good-looking former VP candidate (and quitter) came in first with 30%. Newt Gingrich had a pretty low showing (16%), which probably indicates that people are beginning to become disappointed in his reluctance to stand against the GOP establishment. The mere fact that he would NOT stand against the GOP nominee in the NY-23 House of Representatives special election (even when it was clear that she was a demoncrat through all of her actions, but still had an “R” next to her name) was a really bad move on Newt’s part. I’m saddened by his actions of late.

    Like I said at the end of my original posting, this non-scientific poll conducted by Bill O’Reilly will not make or break any of the people listed on it. I would have enjoyed a much better showing for Mitt Romney, sure. I would have enjoyed it much, much more if the Huckster and Palin wouldn’t have had an equal showing. There’s a definite void in the minds of people across the country who consider themselves conservatives.

    I understand the appeal that Sarah Palin has for a conservative-minded individual because she SAYS all the right things and is easy on the eyes. THAT’S NOT ENOUGH to become Commander in Chief!!! She is the most polarizing figure in American politics today (aside from B. Hussein Obama, of course), which pretty much makes it nearly impossible for her to win a national election. In a time where fixing what is so shamefully broken is vitally important, the disturbing fact that so many people still have a crush on Sarah Palin is disheartening. I like Palin and used to respect her, but if she really does want to put “America first” then I’m hoping (praying) that she’ll run for Senate instead of President. She desperately needs some leadership experience! Gathering some legislative (or possibly even some foriegn policy) experience through the Senate wouldn’t be a bad idea for her, either.

    The Huckster is just a disturbing individual. I feel dirty whenever I see him on television. For any Huckster supporters out there, allow me ask you a simple question: why do you think the DNC hasn’t spent a penny (in the past or the present) fighting against him? The Huckster is a sheep in wolve’s clothing as he would like you to believe. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing who is willing to do or say whatever it takes (even if it’s a downright LIE) to become more likeable. I firmly believe in one simple political truth, which is: BEWARE OF ANY POLITICIAN WHO WEARS HIS BRAND OF CHRISTIANITY ON HIS SLEEVE. I think the reasons for this simple political truth are self-evident.

    In a post-apocolyptic, post-Obama nation, is there anyone really more prepared and equipped to do what needs to be done than Mitt Romney? IF THERE IS then will someone please tell me so I can support that person, too? I’m not blindly supporting Romney; I’m boldly supporting Romney because I love my country.

    I used to day dream about a Romney/Gingrich ticket in 2012, but now I’m beginning to really like the sound of a Romney/Pence ticket. Mike Pence is an outstanding conservative who is trying to develop a name for himself. Look into him if you don’t know who he is because I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed.

    PS…as much as “we” tried to get O’Reilly’s poll out there for Romney supporters to partake in, there was an equal attempt by Huckster and Palin supporters. This was a non-scientific popularity poll that really doesn’t say much at all. All of the recent scientific polls (Rassumussen, Zogby, USA Today, Gallup, etc…) are showing Romney in first place as the person who should take over in 2012. This was just a great opportunity to get Romney’s name out there even more than it already is.

    Thanks for reading and participating!

  7. Sandra Bronner
    July 27, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    I’m tired ot trying to balance the budget with cuts to soc. sec. and medicare. Two things that have been paid into by hardworking American taxpayers. Quit sending money for Foreign Aid to countries that do not like us. We do not have to pay foreight aide that is a kinkness on our part. Cut Congress and the Senates salaries.

  8. Sandra Bronner
    July 27, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    I\’m tired ot trying to balance the budget with cuts to soc. sec. and medicare. Two things that have been paid into by hardworking American taxpayers. Quit sending money for Foreign Aid to countries that do not like us. We do not have to pay foreight aide that is a kinkness on our part. Cut Congress and the Senates salaries.

  9. Kieth Haya
    April 6, 2012 at 5:49 pm #

    Good i was going to buy one, but now i will wait after seeing all the deffects.


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