A Silver Spoon in the Mouth

My Case for Mitt Romney
Alecia T. Williams


“I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.”

This is what President Obama told supporters two days ago in Ohio.  It caused quite a stir given the indirect, yet blatant attack on Mitt Romney’s wealth.


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This reference to wealth and privilege is part of the continued narrative used by this Administration to portray Mitt Romney as a wealthy, out of touch, elitist who can’t possibly relate to the average voter.

Is the President right?  Was Mitt Romney born with a silver spoon in his mouth?

And more importantly, does it matter?


Mitt Romney is the youngest of four children and was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1947.  His father, George Romney grew up in a humble home and never graduated from college.  He apprenticed as a carpenter and sold aluminum paint before he started a career which set him on the path to eventually become the CEO of American Motors.  George Romney is credited for rescuing the company from the brink of bankruptcy.

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In 1969, Romney Sr. was elected as the governor of Michigan and went on to fill three terms.  (Click here to learn more about Mitt’s life).  George was well-respected in business and politics and he later accepted a cabinet level position under President Nixon.

Mitt has always revered his father’s example of hard work.  Upon graduating from college, he took his father’s advice and went to law school–he was one of 15 students accepted to the JD MBA program at Harvard University.  He graduated cum laude from the law school and was awarded the prestigious Baker’s scholar from the business school.

He worked for a few years as a consultant at Bain & Company, but in 1984, he left and co-founded Bain Capital–a venture capital firm.

Mitt Romney led the firm for 14 years and under his direction and leadership, companies such as Brookstone, Dominoes Pizza, Sports Authority, Clear Channel, AMC Entertainment, Toys R us and Stapes became household names.

Although not every investment was a success, under Mitt’s direction, Bain Capital experienced remarkable growth and success.

In January 1991, the consulting firm where he first worked Bain & Company was on the brink of collapse.  Mitt was asked to return and be the CEO.  Within one year, he completely restructured the company and was able to return it to profitability.  He is credited for doing it without any layoffs.

He returned to Bain Capital, but left again in 1999 to serve as President and CEO of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games.  Under his management, he rescued the games from near bankruptcy, a humiliating scandal, attracted new sponsors and put on one of the most successful games on record.

AP image/Douglas C. Pizac

After the Olympics, he returned to Boston and was elected Governor.  Under his direction and despite an overwhelming Democrat majority, he dramatically cut expensive programs, he combined inefficient government agencies and reduced the state from near bankruptcy.  He effectively closed a $3 billion dollar budget shortfall without raising taxes and without borrowing money.


Why do I mention this biography?

Because I think it is important to recognize that Mitt’s successes are the result of extreme hard work and dedication.

Yes, Mitt was lucky to be born into a stable home with financial security, but he never allowed his father’s successes to define him.

It should be mentioned that when George Romney died in 1985, Mitt donated his inheritance to Brigham Young University.  The endowment was used to establish the George W. Romney Institute of Public Management.


Image from ABC News.com

Silver spoon?

Mitt Romney was not a lazy, rich kid who was spoiled and expected to get everything handed to him.  His career and schooling reflect an extremely hard working individual with remarkable and note-worthy accomplishments.

Mitt Romney never saw himself as an entitled “heir” or “aristocrat”–behavior so perfectly mocked in the 1995 movie Tommy Boy.


Shouldn’t these accomplishments be commended?  Isn’t this what the American Dream is supposed to offer?

Why does the President only want to focus on the fact that Mitt Romney grew up in a stable, financially secure home?  Should Romney be faulted for something he didn’t choose?

I would like to remind this President that if growing up “with a silver spoon in the mouth” is considered so negative and breeds distrust and resentment, what does it say about the life that he and Michelle are so lovingly providing for their two daughters?

By Manuel Balce Ceneta, AP

Is the life that he is giving Malia and Sasha actually hurting their chances for future success?  Is he doing them a disservice?  Is he damaging their credibility?

The answer is of course not.  He and Michelle are doing everything they can to provide opportunities–the same way George Romney did for his family.

The trick is to encourage them to make something of themselves so they won’t be defined by their father’s successes.

Something I believe Mitt Romney has accomplished.


The President is once again, desperate for a diversion.  He has to attack Mitt Romney so that the discussions won’t center around his lack of accomplishments during his presidency.  Nearly every one of his campaign promises has not been realized namely, that his presidency “would mark the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless.”

Under his watch, millions of people have lost their jobs, their homes, their financial security and America’s economic future remains incredibly uncertain.  Today the Wall Street Journal reported there are growing fears of deepening economic instability for the 3rd year in a row.

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This President wants to detract attention away from Mitt Romney’s resume–a resume, which over and over again reflects remarkable accomplishments, successes, unprecedented job growth, and an innate ability to fix broken systems from the brink of bankruptcy.

Impressive to say the least.

Mitt is a seasoned economic manager whose vision and direction seems to repeatedly lead to economic stability.

It is no irony that the Obama campaign has abandoned “Hope” as their campaign slogan.  Ironically, this time around, it is more fitting for his rival.

Go Mitt!


Please read more about why I believe that Mitt Romney is the right leader, with the right experience, who has emerged at the right time.
My blog: yesmittromney.blogspot.com

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Author:Alecia Williams

Our country is at an extremely critical point in history. Our dependency on foreign money and oil has never been higher. Our leaders are addicted to the debt they create. America is desperate for a leader with true experience in governing, solving problems, understanding our economy and the ability to rally our leaders to find real compromises—desperate for a president who can do more than inspire. I am deeply concerned about our future. I am one voice, but this is my case for Mitt Romney.


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