A Newt player on Team Romney

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After Newt Gingrich suspended his campaign on Wednesday, a lot of viewers were scratching their heads. Did he endorse Romney?

“You know, that’s very strange to me … I said on Wednesday when I did the statement of suspending the campaign, I’m going to campaign for him. I favor him over Obama, and I went through, like, seven different issues where I favor him. 

-Newt Gingrich 5/6/2012 on CNN

GOP nominee Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich share a laugh off the record during a debate


Newt Gingrich, despite his many flaws, is an icon of the conservative movement. His passion and his legacy of smaller government is a key figure and intellectual force of conservatism.

And what does the conservative stalwart Gingrich, who balanced 4 budgets, and went toe to toe with Bill Clinton say about Romney’s principles?


“The choice is the most radical president in American history and a failed president at the economy and (Romney) who has a solid record on jobs and who in fact, on basic principles is a conservative.”


Newt is a powerful debater, and in many ways, a powerful “debaser.” His words resonate well with core conservatives, and his attacks on President Obama, have thus far, been very effective.

Say what you may about Newt, but he is going to “give it his all” and is a welcome addition to Romney’s campaign.

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