A fun way to support Romney

Josh Barton NYS


-Would you like to have a creative way to help Mitt Romney win?

- Are you excited to see President Mitt in 2013, and would spend a day help him win?

-Do you live in a swing state?

-Do you like to spend a day with senior citizens?


Then join Rent a bus for Romney!

Many older Americans do not have the capabilities to exercise their right to vote because of decreased mobility in their later years.


If you live in a swing state, please consider renting a school bus on election day. For only 8 hours of your time, and ~$500, you can help drive senior citizens from the nursing home to the polling place to vote Romney. Don’t forget to bring donuts!





-Check out bus rental prices and start saving

-Research nursing homes in the area

-Buy donuts and coffee! The seniors will appreciate this, and you will be doing a good deed.

-Have friends around town help you out.


Many Americans are becoming nervous about the Democrat’s policy of shipping in union workers and illegal aliens to the polling places on election day.


Folks, the stakes are too high. Help a senior vote, and help Romney become President. They will thank you, and their grandchildren will too.





Any comments or suggestions to get this started, please feel free dropping a comment in the box.



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