Farm Pals Awards Guide

When you do certain things in Farm Pals, you will be rewarded with awards. These awards will give you coins and points. In this guide, I will list the awards you can receive and how you go about receiving them. I will also show you how to view your awards. With pussy 888 you get best rewards and level up in the game much faster with the tips that are there in the website.

Loved Farm

The first award is the Loved Farm award. This award is given for loving your farm. The first time you show your farm love, you will be rewarded with the bronze trophy. You will then have to show your farm love 10 more times to receive the silver trophy. After receiving that trophy, you will need to show your farm love 25 times to get the gold and then 100 times to get the champion. Once you reach the champion trophy, no more will be given for showing love to your farm.

Bird Chaser

The next award is given for chasing birds away from your farm. The first time you chase a bird away, you will earn the bronze trophy. The second time, you will have to chase 10 birds away and you will earn the silver trophy. Once you have chased 25 birds out of your fields, you will earn the gold trophy. Then you will win the champion trophy once you have successfully chased away 100 birds.

Clean Farm

This award is given for keeping your farm clean. To clean your farm, you will need to keep the leaves raked. The first time you rake your leaves, you will earn the bronze trophy. Then you will need to clean your farm 10 times to get the silver trophy. You will be awarded the gold trophy once your farm has been cleaned 25 times. The champion trophy will be yours once you have raked 100 times.

As of right now, these are all of the trophies that are available. Maybe in the future, the developers will add more trophies to win. Winning a trophy will earn you points and coins. So, by doing your normal jobs, you will be rewarded twice. Once for doing the job and then again by winning trophies. The higher the trophy, the more you will win. For example, you will win more from earning a champion trophy than you did when you won the silver trophy.

How to View Your Awards in Farm Pals

To view your awards in Farm Pals, you will need to click the Awards button. This button is located at the top of your game. Once you click the button, the box will open and you will see the trophies you have won and the trophies that are left to win.

When you win a trophy, you will see a box open. In that box, you will see what trophy you won and what you will get for it.