Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Among the All Time Greats?

Ever since the original Uncharted was released early in the Playstation 3’s life, fans have called for a sequel. On October 13th, 2009 their patience was rewarded. To say this game is astounding would be similar to saying Michael Jordan played a bit of basketball. Naughty Dog has always been looked upon by the gaming community as one of the consistently good developers, but with Uncharted 2 they really go above and beyond the call of duty. Anyone who owns a Playstation 3 should not hesitate to pick this game up. Some of the simplest games to play on the console is Bandarqq.

Graphics amp; Audio: Anyone who played the first Uncharted already knew the second one would set new graphical standards, but no one could anticipate the sheer brilliance of them. No game on the market has attempted the scale and depth of presentation that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has. The character models are the most life-like of any video game to date, facial animation and voice acting has always been important to Naughty Dog… and Uncharted 2 is no exception. This game should really be experienced with a surround sound setup, as the ambient sounds and directional noises are unmatched.

Gameplay: While Uncharted 2 doesn’t necessarily revolutionize the genre of action, or change the basic formula to a third person shooter, it does perfect all these elements. Platforming has never been so crisp in an action game. As you jump to a seemingly sturdy ledge, you may find it crumbling out from underneath, forcing you to jump to another quickly. Platforming and shooting don’t encompass the entire game though, there are many scripted events that put you in precarious situations. Car chases, train wrecks and helicopter encounters are all in the game, and all are brilliant.

Creativity: The creative aspects of this game are often overshadowed by the beautiful graphics, and stellar gameplay… but the humor and crispness of Uncharted 2’s script should not be overlooked. Many ‘epic’ moments in this game are made even more so by the timely comments of the hero Nathan Drake, or one of his companions. The writers of Uncharted 2 have a great sense of humor, which fits perfectly with the personality of the characters in the game.

Fun: Anyone who plays this game and doesn’t have fun is probably not meant to play video games. I have yet to encounter a person who hasn’t loved every minute of it. That being said, the single player part of the game, while very fulfilling, is somewhat short. The average player should take about 8 hours to complete it. Of course there is multiplayer that many spend hours upon hours on by itself.

Overall, this game is a must own by anyone with a Playstation 3. I’m sure hearing about it or watching videos has convinced many to take the plunge and buy Sony’s console. I’m sure they aren’t sorry they did, and you won’t be sorry either if you buy Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.