YouTube: Different Functions

YouTube is exactly the kind of phenomenon that could only happen on the world wide web – a.k.a. the internet. YouTube was started at an investment cost of $11.5 million in February of 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. YouTube was sold to Google in November of 2006 for $1.65 billion. YouTube is, without question, the internet world’s choice for video sharing. If you want to buy youtube subscribers to make your content more trendy on youtube, you should visit the link here. It is an easy and effective way to start your youtube career. With this, you get loads of views and likes on your videos and with this much activity on your youtube page, you can easily earn money from youtube.

YouTube Basics

YouTube allows registered users to post videos on their website. You can become a registered user by visiting tab;=w1 and clicking the Create Account text in the upper right corner of the page. Before you attempt to upload your video to YouTube, visit the YouTube Handbook at If you read the YouTube Handbook and still have questions about posting your video, visit the extensive YouTube Help Center at hl;=en-US.

Once you are a registered user on YouTube, it’s a relatively easy matter to upload your videos. Uploading to YouTube from a DSL or high-speed cable modem is suggested as the file sizes can get rather large. Uploading to YouTube through a standard telephone line modem can take several hours, but of course, it is possible.

Business Promotion on YouTube

Countless businesses use YouTube to promote themselves and their wares and services. From major Hollywood production companies to neighborhood plumbers, businesses have learned the power of videos posted on YouTube. How to best promote your business on YouTube depends largely on your business. Some methods of promoting your business on YouTube that you might consider would include: filming the family that owns a business • filming the process of making your product • filming your business itself including outside and inside views with a narrative • filming a specialized piece of equipment at work, such as a plasma cutter or a CNC machine • creating a montage of a day of business, such as at a farmer’s market or weekly flea market. What you create and upload to promote your business on YouTube is limited only by your imagination.

Event Promotion on YouTube

Promoting events on YouTube is a great way to increase attendance at the event. You don’t need to be promoting a major music concert to benefit from promoting on YouTube. YouTube provides a great way to inform people about your event and to give them a flavor of that event. You can easily promote everything from bake sales to rodeos and traveling circuses on YouTube. Be sure to give time and date specifics of your events. YouTube even allows you to post small notes on your uploaded video, which will allow you to reinforce specific information about your event.

Friends & Family Sharing on YouTube

Sharing videos with friends and family is easy on YouTube. No more huge email attached video files that sometimes can’t be played by the recipient. No more sitting at your computer uploading an email attachment repeatedly. No more waiting as each recipient gets their copy of the video. With YouTube, just upload your new video and then notify everyone that it is there to watch. YouTube makes sharing special events like birthday celebrations, weddings, graduations and more a very simple, sure-fire matter.

YouTube is also a great way to share your hobby with other enthusiasts. Model railroads, RC planes, cars or helicopters, raising racing greyhounds – you name it, and there are videos about it on YouTube. YouTube is a great way to network with people who share your interests worldwide. Teach, learn and make new friends with your hobby on YouTube.

Consider getting a YouTube account and using YouTube for business, pleasure, and fun. YouTube has countless applications for just about everyone, and it’s easy enough to use that everyone can employ it and enjoy it.