Free Online Christmas Games For Kids

I love to play online games when I get home from work. It is usually late at night, and I am too wound up from working to be able to go to bed, so I play games. I have found a couple of sites that have some really cool games for the holidays. You can play for free, or if you want you can buy games to play on your computer also. These three sites are all designed for kids to play games at, and all three are free.

One of my favorite sites is at These games are fairly easy to play, and designed even for kids to play. With games such as Snowball, where you are Santa and you need to find the imps that are hiding in the presents, it is like playing a really old Atari game. You are bouncing a snowball back and forth until you have shot down all of the boxes and find all of the imps in the present. I wasn’t very good at this game. Then you have PAC. This is played just like PacMan, with the exception you use your mouse to move around and eat all of the food. There is on or two monsters that you have to avoid and each level gets more difficult. Watch out in level four. They shoot at you! and you can die easily. This game is difficult to play on a lap top unless you are using and external mouse. They also have games such as Christmas Mini Golf, and Satama, where you are Santa and you have to gather all of your presents, candy canes and reindeer without getting caught by the evil little penguins. They are not nice! They also have other games, not just Christmas ones. I love this site and I think you will too.

Another site that has free on line Christmas games to play this winter holiday is at This site has many games to play such as Snowmuncher, Shadow Shuttle, and Make Your List just to name a couple. In Make Your List, you are helping Andy to write his letter to Santa, but he forgot what he wanted to put on his list. When the little thought bubble comes up, you need to remember what all you saw and find it and put it on his list. Sounds easy but it really is not. I prefer to play Snow Wars II. In this game you get to use catapults to knock down the fortresses of the snow beasts and the Lupe’s. This game is really fun and lots of laughs. What I like is that they have this site fun for kids and adults both, and they get to earn points and buy stuff and to have pets to care for.

Another site that I came by that I like to play in at night, mainly because they are simple to play and easy to do, is at This site is set up for teachers and parents to use to help their kids and students to learn, and they have some pretty fun games to play, such as Christmas Bells, where you can play music with the bells, and if you know your notes, you can play some pretty amazing songs. Other games such as the Christmas Tree Lights has got me stumped. You are supposed to be able to connect all the lights and wires and the whole tree will light up, but I still have not mastered it! I will leave it to the younger crowd, I am sure that they will get it easily enough!

All in all, even with all the bad out there, there are still sites designed with kids in mind that are safe places for them to play at and have fun and learn. For a wide variety of online Christmas games and several other games you can check out bandar ceme online. You can play these online games for free.