See if it’s Worth for you to Pay for Playing Online Games

Are pay to play games worth it? You know, there are tons of free options available today. Some games allow you to use your cash on more advantageous ways such as winning in Situs Judi online Terpercaya.

We have all heard of the games World of Warcraft, EVE online, and many other popular mmorpg’s (massive multi player online role playing game) and everyone who plays them has rave reviews about them. One question that is always lingering in the back of my mind is, are they worth $15 a month? Over the course of a year you are paying $180, and that is just the basic subscription price for most games. On top of that there are account activation fees, premium items, and buying other in-game luxuries. Also, with many of the games you have to pay online, and paying online you risk having hackers stealing your personal information. Now back to my question. Are these games really worth the money and risk? Yes! As long as you play the game often you are definitely getting your money’s worth out of the games.

Pros and Cons

Online Payment- Pro, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your computer desk. Con, you risk a hacker getting your personal info.

Cost- Pro, the game is rapidly updated with anti-hacker, and other software updates. Con, you are wasting money if you barely play.

Online Aspect- Pro, you get to play with other people, therefore altering the gaming experience. Con, some people may be out to get you with viruses, get good anti-virus software

What are these games, and what do you do?

In most pay to play online game mmorpg’s you start out with a basic customized character, and you complete quests, or missions to make your character better with the far off goal of eventually being the best player in the game. Also, you must try to make allies, and keep them close as well as your enemies. These games are wildly fun and addictive, but again I stress that you really shouldn’t play unless you have enough time to waste every day.

Who plays, and how many people play?

The great thing about these games is that all sorts of people from all walks of life play. Millions of people play these games, and many people have found great friendships in-game, I even hear from time to time about two people meeting up from an online game, and eventually getting married. There are limitless possibilities with these game.

Are these games right for me?

I cannot really answer this question. My advice is to look around, and if you see one you might like, download the trial, if you are in love with the game, go ahead and buy a subscription, and have fun!