Suspended Fireplace Installation – How To Choose The Right Installer?

After choosing a suitable fireplace for your home, it is time to determine the spot for having it installed. Installation is the task for professionals. Choosing a fireplace installer at random is not a good idea.

Hiring the right technician for the installation of your suspended fireplace is essential. To determine the right professional ask the following questions.

  • Are you NFI certified?

National Fireplace Institute certificate means the installer has the qualification to install designer fireplaces. NFI certificate holders have the proficiency and skill level to install the three main types of fireplaces including wood-burning, gas-fueled, and pellet fireplaces.

NFI certificate guarantees best installation service!

  • Are you aware of the local building codes?

There are local rules and regulations regarding fireplace installation. Ask the professional, if they are aware of relevant building codes. It ensures a smooth installation process without any hitch or worse still paying expensive penalties.

  • What is your experience in designer fireplace installation?

The fireplace you chose is available in different types. It is necessary to know whether the potential installer has experience and knowledge of installing the specific designer fireplace you bought. The installation has to be correct without any issues post-installation.

  • What does the installation cost?

When a fireplace is installed, there will be many things considered including vents, work duration, labor, and more. Therefore ask an estimation before the work starts.

A good installer offers the cost details in writing. It ensures that there are no hidden charges that can be shocking when you are given the bill.

Double-check the professional’s qualifications before signing a contract!