One way to relax, unwind, and escape the hustle and bustle of city life is by going out for a hike. Whether it’s a short stroll into the woods and outdoors or a multi-day adventure into caves or forests, hiking can surely help anyone destress and rejuvenate. However, this activity in itself needs preparation. No one embarks on a hiking trip without proper preparation and equipment, as it could compromise the participant’s safety.

Part of the necessary things to bring on a hike, especially those that will require hikers to spend the night outdoors, is a reliable and bright light source. Bringing a run-of-the mill flash light might not be enough to provide the necessary illumination one might need on a multi-day hike. You might be better off checking out the best caving headlamp for such activities.

To help, we’ve listed down some of the best light source you can bring in a hike:

Rechargeable outdoor flashlights

Getting a flashlight with a rechargeable batter might be expensive at first, but you will go out for a hike on a frequent basis and will need a light source each time, you will soon realize that having a rechargeable one will be more economical.

Battery powered portables

If hiking activities are not a regular thing for you, having a handy portable flashlight powered by traditional batteries may be enough to sustain your light needs. This is especially helpful for short hikes that will not require you to spend a couple of nights outdoors. You’ll find that a couple of batteries can last you for a couple of hikes.


One thing great about having headlamps is that your hands can be free to carry other things. Also, certain headlamps give out strong light enough to illuminate a significant portion of the surrounding. This is especially helpful if the hike you’re going to will traverse difficult terrains, where you will need your hands to keep balance.