Expert tips to Grow Email Marketing List for your ecommerce business

Do you know email marketing campaigns is still considered to be the most powerful promotional campaign for an ecommerce business? But, launching an email campaign is not enough. You will have to take proactive steps to grow the email marketing as well to boost your customer base as well. The post below offers a brief on growing email marketing list for your ecommerce business.

Create contest on social media

Contests that promise handy prizes are one of the best ways to attract email ids from potential customers. Your contest should have a section where the participants will have to enter their email id. Launch the contest on popular social media sites and do make sure to offer the assured prize.

Profiling is important

Your all email marketing campaigns may not be beneficial to each one in your target demographic. An ecommerce store caters to varying ranges of customers. Some of them are budget-conscious while some of them are more inclined to luxury products. Thus, if your next email marketing campaign is about a new plush collection, it won’t do any good if it’s sent to budget shoppers as well. So, first you should categorize your potential niche into various sections so that they can be targeted accordingly.

This strategy will help you in two ways. First it won’t bother the concerned audience and hence prevent number of unsubscribers. Second, if it can actually entice targeted audience, they will be happy to spread the news among like-minded fellows. And these people will be happy to subscribe to your newsletter to receive mails from you.

how to create disposable email addresses

Temp mail ids affect email marketing campaigns big time. A person mostly subscribes with a temporary email id when he can’t trust your site enough. Create a professional website and be proper with privacy policy and security features to earn the actual email ids of visitors.

Launch pop-ups

Show pop-ups on your site asking for email ids whenever a visitor visits your site. Make sure to spice up the pop-up with a cool and catchy message.