The Different Types And Kinds Of Contact Lenses Available In The Market

Do you want to have eyes that look sparkling? Or unique eyes like an anime character? There are many distinctive kinds and types of contact lenses available in the market today. Contact lenses, or just contacts, are a prosthetic tool that can put directly on the eyes. It can be used whether for cosmetic use, therapeutic use, and for correcting the vision.

Contacts can’t be bought without a prescription, even for cosmetic usage, the need for an order is always required. Other contact lenses sold in the market that is of low quality that can irritate the eyes or for worse, even blindness.

If you want to have contacts, whether for improving your vision or just for aesthetic purposes, you need to know what kind of contact lenses you might want to have. They have a different meaning in the eyes. The example lists below are types and kinds of contacts that are commonly used and available in the market.

  1. Daily Wear Contact Lenses

The daily wear contacts are intended for everyday usage; usually, it can be worn for 18 hours. This type of contact lens is designed for comfortable use for hours to end. These contacts must remove during night time because it is not FDA approved for overnight use. The daily wear contacts are disposable and reusable and it can be discarded after a few usages.

  1. Disposable Contact Lenses

This type of contact is designed to be used for a day or a month. These contacts have water content and made with flexible materials. But it also depends on the materials used in the lenses. Contact lenses like this don’t last for too long. The disposable contacts are for planned or frequent replacement. And if you remove the lenses, make sure to disinfect the contacts properly before reinserting it again.

  1. Extended Wear Contact Lenses

Unlike the daily wear contacts, extended-wear contacts this can be used comfortably for both day and night use. But there are opposite reviews about the lenses for long term wear, and it involved itchy and dry eyes. It is because of its lack of oxygen flow from the lenses itself.

  1. Spherical Contact Lenses

The spherical contacts are mainly used for medical use and purposes. The lens has a simple spherical shape that used to treat some eye problems. It Includes myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and presbyopia (farsightedness/loss of elasticity of lens).

  1. Multifocal and Bifocal Contact Lenses

The multifocal and bifocal contacts are also used to treat presbyopia. This type of contact lens provides more corrections in the eyes. It steadily changes the corrective refraction throughout the contact lens for both eyes. Both lenses have rigid gas permeable and soft materials.

  1. Cosmetic or Decorative Contact Lenses

This type of contact lens is used for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes. It is used to change the appearance and color of the eye without any visual corrections. There are different colors this type of lenses has, from shades of white, black, pink, chrome, and red contacts. Thus, this is used by co-players, actors, and other cosmetic ideas.

  1. Other Types of Contact Lenses

There are different types of contact lenses that are available for purchase in the market as well. It includes mono-vision contacts, toric contacts, RGP lenses, hard lenses, and enhancers. They have different purposes and uses for your eyes.

Essential things to keep in mind regarding the contact lenses:-

I need to encourage you to evacuate lenses before resting. To clarify it the logical way, much the same as you, your body inhales as well. Our eye is such an organ which gets oxygen from nature itself, as opposed to shaping veins as in different organs. This is the reason when you rest wearing lenses; the contact of eye with oxygen cuts, and it ends up hard for it to remain sound.

In this manner, you experience the ill effects of different issues in the wake of resting in lenses like agitated or swollen eyes, sore and red eyes, and watery eyes with obscured vision, and so forth. Likewise, the mucous thing that you find when you wake up in the morning grows in colossal sum when you rest in lenses. It is exceptionally awful for your eyes. Take care of your eyes!