Top Facts About Changes In Cannabis Legislation In Canada

Canada is the second country now that allows buying weed for recreational purposes. The nation has long legalized medical use of marijuana in early 2000s. And the recent changes in its cannabis legislation have been embraced with loud applauds. Canada legalized recreational marijuana last fall, on October 17, 2018. You can now buy weed for recreational use from government regulated licensed shops.

Here are some top facts about the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada:

  • Any adult person who is above 18 years can possess up till 30g marijuana in public places as well as share it with another adult. This regulation applies to non-Canadian citizens as well.
  • You can buy herbal cannabis legally from online and physical stores that are compliant to provincial regulations.
  • An adult is legally allowed to cultivate maximum four cannabis (per household) for personal usage.
  • Cannabis product should come in plain packages without any sign of picture of the herb.
  • Every package selling cannabis must feature proper health warnings as well as content information. A minimalist brand logo is allowed on the packages.
  • There are strict restrictions on promotion and advertising on cannabis products. No cannabis store is allowed to seek celebrity endorsements or sponsorship to promote the products.
  • No cannabis store can run promotional activities which target the youth niche.

Provincial rules may vary

It’s to note here, different Canadian provinces may have different rules regarding usage and sale of cannabis. For example, some provinces do not allow sale of cannabis to people under 19 years of age. Besides, Nunavat, Manitoba and Quebec does not allow cultivation of four plants even when The Cannabis Act allows that. The bottom-line is, one must follow the rules stated by his or her specific province regarding usage as well as sale of cannabis.