Whatever Happened To Real-Time Strategy Games?

The world of mobile online games is constantly evolving. So many games are being developed day by day which results in very tight competition. If you take a closer look into the number real-time strategy online games, you’d notice that it has lessened over the years. So, why is that?

Sadly, it seems like this generation’s gamers aren’t that interested in real-time strategy games anymore. Gone are the days that thousands of players are flocking an MU Origin private server, which is one of the best real-time strategy games there is.

The decline of real-time strategy games

We’ve listed down the possible reasons why these types of games are slowly exiting the market.

First person players over choosing an army

When games that allow players to navigate the game as “themselves” without having to order men around, those took over in an instant. Obviously, more players preferred that kind of experience.

Fighting games peaked

One-on-one fighting games such as Street fighter and Mortal Kombat are definitely two of the biggest games all around the world. If you ask anyone what is the one game they could play over and over again for, let’s say a week, they’d choose a fighting game for sure.

It all became too complex

It is a fact that when online games mature, they also increase in complexity. Apparently, not many players loved that idea. Though they want to play something that requires thinking, it shouldn’t be too much. It should not burn them out both physically and mentally.

The “Destroy or be destroyed” era has passed

Last but definitely not the least, the concept of you either have to evolve or die has been too tiring and mainstream for some. Unfortunately, that concept in real-time strategy games has not changed too much.