A Sneak Peek Of What Makes Neapolitan Pizza Special

Italy has been well-known for its most famous dishes like Tiramisu, Carbonara, and most of all, Pizza. In almost anywhere you go, people love pizza—whether be it with or without pineapple.

One famous Pizza in Italy is Neapolitan Pizza. It is a type of pizza that originated in Naples, Italy. There are plenty of Neapolitan Pizza variants, but the original one is the Pizza Margherita.

The question is, how do restaurants create such a perfect pizza like this?

The Answer

  • Dough

In achieving the best quality of dough for your Neapolitan pizza, you will need to have the right proportion of ingredients. A natural Neapolitan yeast or a high-quality brewer’s yeast are the only types of yeast that you can use for the dough.

  • Tomatoes

You might not think that tomatoes are a crucial part of this great dish, but it is. It is highly important to use San Marzano tomatoes and nothing else. These rich tomatoes are filled with a flavorful sauce that tastes great with basil and cheese in Neapolitan pizza.

  • Cheese

In choosing the cheese, the perfect cheese to use is Mozzarella di Bufala Campana. A variant of Mozzarella cheese that is produces for the milk of water buffalo. For the second option, you can use is Mozzarella Fiordilatte which is produced from fresh milk of a cow. 

  • Flour

Using the right flour is one of the most essential steps in creating the perfect Neapolitan pizza. There are two choices on what type of flour you could use, “0” or “00”. It indicates how fine the flour is in terms of milling.

00 is the finest flour available and it is important to produce the best quality of Neapolitan dough, which was mentioned above.

That is basically how the experts create a great Neapolitan pizza. You already now know the secrets on how restaurants really make one of the finest types of pizza there are in the world. It is truly special!