Big Publicity Stunts That You Can Learn From

Get your pens out and be ready to take down notes from these companies that created a buzz successfully and might recommend their PR for doing a great job in boosting their brand.

  • Epson’s Print All You Want

Epson’s EcoTank printing system needed a promotion, so they worked with the U.S. National Synchronized Swimming Team and a multi-colored see-through swim tank with a volume of 17,000 gallons.
That swimming in ink one-day event was partnered with a “print all you want” three-day event. Who knew this printing company would perfectly work with swimming athletes for a promotional event?

  • Pontiac Jackpot Blunder

Funnily, Oprah Winfrey Show’s audience thought they hit a pot of gold when it was announced that all have a free Pontiac G6 Sedan. However, they still need to pay a very big tax bill before they can actually have the prize.
Unexpectedly, all the media credits was given to Oprah Winfrey for being too generous rather than Pontiac who own those cars. Oprah Winfrey definitely stole the show on this one.

  • Nike’s Labor Day Advertisement

Last May 1, 2018, the famous brand Nike launched a new ad that features Colin Kaepernick. That person is a well-known quarterback in NFL but faced controversy for his actions to protest against police brutality.
Nike’s bold move to make him an ad actually paid off and made the company tons of money even though football fans have mixed emotions regarding Colin’s action—for some he’s a hero, while some say otherwise. For Nike, he’s surely a hero.

Marketing stunts are already common for every company brand—especially for those brands who have already been so mainstream that they needed a new way or technique that will catch the attention of both new and old customers, buy Instagram followers, and persuade them to buy their product for more revenue.