Reasons Why Loops Are Not Just For DJs

DJ loops are great to use because it adds uniqueness and even makes the song even better. It greatly improves the groove of the song to make people get into the music more. Looping is also one of the most exciting things to do if you’re a DJ.

Loops are practically one of the best inventions that was made today to enhance music–You could even search the top 100 DJs songs and realize how it is greatly used in different famous tracks.

However, who would have thought that there are more ways to use loops than just being used by DJs? Though there are some people that might disagree to it and it’s unconventional. But hey, innovating is a great thing!

4 Different Ways To Use Loops

  1. Use this as an alternative for Metronome. You can now kiss your digital audio software’s metronome device. Turn the ticks into drum sounds for more fun when writing songs.
  2. Use as audio for soundtracks. There are also looping software which can follow tempo changes. But avoid extreme tempo changes as much as possible to retain its consistency.
  3. It gives useful acoustic drum kits. This is actually very helpful for people who don’t play drums or doesn’t have a drum set. This makes it easier to get drum loops that you could use if you need one.
  4. It can be considered as virtual studio musicians. It can help you play the parts that you cannot play rather than doing much work by getting a studio musician to play for you. It can play you the same certain part a hundred times without a flaw—even if it’s already past midnight.

These are all unusual uses of loops, and it is even far from its usual use. However, it is, without a doubt, very useful in different ways than just being used by DJs. When you see an opportunity to innovate and do something in a new, easy, and better way, don’t hesitate to give it a shot.