G2 Esports Bags The Winning Prize For Six Inter Nation 2019

Indeed, there is more to the world of eSports than the Poker Online that a lot of us know. This is something that a lot of us are pretty much aware of by now. G2 Esport is a team that has proven to be triumphant in the world of eSports, given that their team has managed to make history by winning this year, marking their second straight seasonal championship. How did this all unfold? Let’s all find out below.

The Beginnings and the Road to Victory

The Grand Finals began in a historic manner, where Team Empire was the one who did the first shot, but was responded to by G2. The third round was a shootout, and indeed, the G2 managed to survive, long enough to have the bomb diffused. The teams managed to stay for the first half of the map, and then G2 managed to eventually beat them at 5-3 man advantage. It was a tense battle, as Empire became aggressive and eager, but eventually it was clear that G2 was going to win this whole thing.

The Winnings

The prize pool was projected to be a really huge one, where it was to be at $2,000,000. They ended up, however, winning a prize pool of $800,000, which grew from a pool of $500,000. Indeed, this has made the Six Siege Pro League one of the most interesting ones to date. It really was a matter of strategy, skills, and a stroke of luck that led them to their victories. There also are a lot of sites that review their victory, as it is hailed to be an iconic one, and a fight that was sure to be one of the most entertaining, most thrilling game to watch.