Microsd Cards – An Extended Memory

No matter how much in-built storage your phone provides, you always look out for ways to extend your storage by some external means. Nowadays, Secure Digital (SD) type of memory cards are mostly used. MicroSD cards are smaller version of the SD cards and are used in smartphones and tablets. MicroSD cards are removable and the smallest types of memory cards. With 32 GB microSD card being the highest size, these cards are available in many sizes.

MicroSD cards were first designed by SanDisk. MicroSD cards are able to store information of up to several gigabytes. These cards are not only portable but can also be used in most of the mobile devices. Unlike other storage devices, these cards require no power source to keep it updated. Inserting a microSD card is pretty simple, all you have to do is open the SIM tray, place the card at the appropriate place and close the tray. Previously, all the microSD cards were designed as portable but in new phones they may be designed as internal storage. The portable cards can be easily detached from phones every now and then. These cards are the best when you want to regularly replace one card with other cards. This type of card can be used without causing any damages to the phone. Whereas the internal storage is like an extension of the phone’s memory.

To use a MicroSD card as a portable storage is quite simple. Install the card into your device and then you will get a notification. You’ll be give two options, either to choose the card as an internal or portable storage. Choose the portable option. Once the card is chosen as portable, data can be easily transferred from the internal storage to the SD card. Depending on the capacity these cards are divided into two types, SDHC and SDXC. SDHC have a capacity from 2GB to 32GB while SDXC have a capacity from 32GB to 2TB. After capacity, you need to look at the speed before choosing an appropriate card. These cards have more chances of failure and hence it is always better to keep a backup of your important files.